Thursday, January 14, 2021

Are all Muslims Bad?

 When I give presentations I am often asked if I feel all Muslims are bad or evil people.  To answer this it is vitally important to define who a Muslim is.

1.  A Muslim believes Islam is the one and only true religion on earth.

2.  A Muslim believes all aspects of Sharia law are essential for all mankind.  A Muslim can't pick and choose which parts to abide by or to ignore.  Sharia law must be adhered to and advocated at all times.  Sharia law covers everything a Muslim does 24 hours a day.  From simple things of how to eat, family, marriage and divorce, pray, when and how to kill non muslims, the hatred of Jews and Christians and sadly the legitimacy of marrying six year old girls and abusing them as their founder Mohammed did.

3. Physical jihad is mandatory.  Unless sick, the Muslim must support or fight as a mujahadeen (fighter).  They must be ready and willing to kill Jews and Christians anywhere and at anytime.

4.  A Muslim must have in his heart the desire for an Islamic nation worldwide and by force when needed.

These are just a few examples of a Pure Muslim.  There are many people affiliated with Islam who do not want the above.  They want peace and safety for their families.  These are good people but in accordance to Islam, these people are not Muslim, they are apostates of Islam and subject to death.

Islam does not allow for a person to be good.  Can one be a good person and marry young children as Mohammed did?  The answer is NO.  A person who advocates for marrying or enslaving six year old innocent girls is not a good person.  Their Prophet Mohammed married an innocent six year old girl and raped her for many years.  All Muslims believe Mohammed is the perfect example for mankind to follow and support his marriage and abuse of children.  If a Muslim condemns Mohammed he or she is automatically considered to be blasphemous and an apostate of Islam.  Death is the punishment prescribed.

So I ask you.  Can a person regardless of faith be considered good if they advocate killing innocent people and abusing children.  The answer is no.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Honor and Respect

 I served in the USAF for 24 years.  I was a federal agent for 15 years.  During that time I went to war and would have given my life for any American.  I did this because I love this beautiful country.  On 20 Jan 2021 the leadership of this country will be given to American hating criminal communists like Biden and Harris, and their millions of supporters.

For over 200 years it was a distinguished honor to be an oath keeper like our military and law enforcement men and women.  I ask each of you is it an honor to support communists who in their own words hate America and want to take away your Constitutional rights?

In no way is it an honor to hate America and our Constitution.  If Communists takeover the reins of leadership in less than two weeks, it will no longer be respectful or honorable to be a military member or law enforcement officer.  One cannot serve and love America and at the same time serve communist dictators.

For those who decide to serve communists beginning 20 Jan 2021 you no longer deserve respect and honor.  Millions of men and women who love America will consider you traitors and will turn our backs to you as a sign of your dishonor to America.

Military and MS13

 I was an OSI federal agent with the USAF for 15 years.  For a time I worked the Gang unit.  Many will be surprised how many active duty military who are members of gangs like the murderous gangs like MS13, Bloods, Crops, and more.  The most disturbing aspect of this is that it is legal for them to be with a gang unless they were caught committing a criminal act. Currently a military member may belong to MS 13, but may be prosecuted or discharged if they openly support their Commander in Chief, President Trump.

America will soon be in the hands of Communist Biden and Harris. I strongly discourage parents from allowing their children to join the armed forces.  Anyone who enters the armed forces under Biden are traitors to America and deserve no respect.

Are you a compliant slave of the state Test

 To determine if you are a compliant slave of the state take my test:

1.  You are a Democrat. 2.  You support Biden or Pelosi in any way. 3.  You wear a mask and are under 80 with no major health issues. 4.  You wear a mask in a vehicle. 5.  You are not a Trump supporter. 6.  You do not advocate the Constitution. 7.  You do not Stand for the U.S. flag. 8.  You follow the main stream media as your primary news source. 9.  You believe anything Pseudo Dr. Fauci says. 10.  You terrorize your children into believing Covid 19 is anything but a political hoax.   11.  You support the police officer who murdered the 14 year old USAF female who posed no threat. 12.  You are afraid to show your support to Trump or America.  13.  You support terror organizations like CAIR or the Southern Poverty Law Center.   

Now for your Score.  If you answered Yes to even  one of the above you are a compliant slave of the state and in your way to bring a Communist.

Dave Gaubatz

Insurrection Act

 There are numerous talking heads saying the Insurrection Act has been signed, mass arrests are taking place, Pelosi's laptop was taken, etc....

Do not fall for these jokesters.  Sadly Criminal Biden and terrorist advocate Harris will soon be in office.  The Deep State is in control.  Your Constitutional rights will no longer exist.

I am a former federal agent and of course I support Constitutional abiding law enforcement, but it is a guarantee the majority will follow the unconstitutional laws of Biden and Pelosi.  They will be the ones arresting you for not wearing a mask, taking your guns, and arresting you as a Domestic Terrorist if you openly support Trump or demand the new communist in charge follow the Constitution.

My advice to Americans who love America.  Do not abide by unconstitutional laws.  Store water, food, and security items.  Do not start any conflict, but be prepared to protect your family and property.  2021 is going to be worse than 2020.

Always follow law and order, but do not become compliant with unconstitutional orders.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Teacher Pay Raises

 Why do so many Republican politicians advocate raises for school teachers when the majority of teachers aren't even teaching our children and the majority teach extreme liberal values?  

Monday, December 28, 2020

Nashville Tn Explosion

 My analysis:. The Deep State is in total control.  You will never be provided the truth about the RV explosion in Nashville.  All news media are compromised and are as far from journalism as possible and more closely aligned as communist cronies.  Similar to the pseudo news media in China and Russia.  There are still a handful of journalists left in America but they will soon either comply or be forced to leave the profession.  Dave g

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Martial Law in America

 Will we see war with China or possibly martial law will be enacted in a limited way, meaning in a few states?  Things are brewing in America.  I do not believe Pres Trump will allow communists to steal the election, which would mean the destruction if America.  Dave g

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Covid 19 and Masks

 Do you believe masks prevent Covid 19? Well let's just for a minute assume they do.  Then why are people who wear masks so concerned I do not?  If an elderly person or persons with major illnesses are wearing a mask then they are protected from people who decline to wear one, right?  Why are Walmart employees chasing after me when I enter a store without a mask?  If masks prevent Covid 19 then stop harnessing people who choose not to wear one.  The truth is your 13 cent mask doesn't stop even one bad molecule from coming through.  The clown like plexiglass doesn't stop them either.  The powers to be know this.  Ignoramus Dr. Fauci knows this.  Wake up Americans.  You are being controlled and being used for experimentation to determine how compliant you will be when the Deep State determines it is time to take your guns and more of your hard earned money.  Wake up or you will lose everything.  Dave g

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

CAIR is an Islamic Terrorist Organization

 There is an abundance of information that CAIR is a Muslim Islamic Terrorist organization and it's leaders at the national and state levels are individual terrorists.  No amount of irrevelent mumbo jumbo wording changes this.  President Trump should have CAIR disbanded and it's leaders charged, prosecuted, and put in prison for life.

Monday, November 23, 2020

First they took their Guns, then they took their lives

There is no need writing pages about how Hitler and the Nazi regime murdered millions of innocent Jewish people during WWII.  There has already been millions of pages written for history.  One main item of importance that is often ignored (intentionally) is that in order to make the Jews compliant, afraid, and vulnerable, was for Hitler to first disarm them.  He made it illegal and punishable by death for the Jews to own firearms.

The socialist/commies are doing their best to take the firearm rights away from innocent Americans.  If they succeed Americans will find themselves in concentration camps and many will lose their lives.  This is no stretch of the imagination, history has proven this theory over and over again.  There are graveyards all over the world with all of the evidence you need.  Dave g

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Covid 19 and our Children

 Any illness is not good, but calling something a pandemic requires serious thought and serious evidence.  Covid 19 sometimes makes you feel under the weather but 99 percent of the time the infected person has no idea he has the disease.  Yes, sometimes people die, but no more so than drugs, alcohol, tobacco, car wrecks, suicides, murders, and a million other ways to die.  The flu kills tens of thousands a year, but no one ever wore a mask.  Just last year when a person went to work with a bad cold or flu the co-workers made the person into some type heroic worker for showing up while sick. Wow they would say.  Joe is such a dedicated and loyal worker!  Remember those days?

Now political hacks have decided all businesses should suffer, many to never open again.  Veterans are not receiving one on one in person mental health care.  Many more are committing suicide.  Our children are suffering because their lives have overnight turned upside down.  They can no longer socialize with friends, play sports, go to proms, and seldom even go to school.

Around Feb 2020 our President said the best thing for the world would be for everyone to be exposed to Covid and what happens, happens.  Again 99 plus percent would be fine.  So is it worth it to close the world?  No.  Covid 19 is the biggest and most dangerous political hoax to ever be played on innocent people.  For this reason Americans will see Civil War 2.0 and again our children will suffer.  Sad.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Pastor Polis response To CAIR & My response To Times WV Reporter Eddie Trizzino

                                           TIMESWV Reporter (Clown) EDDIE TRIZZINO
 Photograph taken 1 Nov 2020 when Trizzino was given the Journalist of the Year award by
 3rd Grade Illiterate Al Sharpton, MSNBC

First my response to TimesWV reporter (said very laughingly) Eddie Trizzino for supporting CAIR (Islamic Muslim Terrorist Organization) over a Christian leader (Pastor John Polis).  Readers can scroll down to get the entire story about Trizzino and CAIR.  Anyway it is my professional opinion based on an analysis of Trizzino's reporting (or lack thereof) that it is safe to say that Trizzino is a rookie reporter, liberal hack, Islamic terrorist supporter, and worst of all he advocates for child abuse and child marriage by supporting the Islamic ideology.  Trizzino had no desire for the truth.  I bet he went to a university for 4 years to study journalism, and yet this is the best he can do.  Trizzino is a joke and no one should take the man seriously.

Now for Pastor Polis's response to CAIR and Trizzino:

Here is a statement in response to the baseless allegations of the Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) against me, which CAIR made in response to my recent sermon on three significant threats to America, entitled THE AMERICAN INVASION of  “Immorality, Ideology, and Islam.”


Immorality harms relationships between men and women, and has significant consequences to children. Unchecked, immorality destroys cultures and brings the judgment of God. Ideology – in this case – false ideology – deceives people and causes them to take actions that are harmful to their best interests. America was founded on a Judeo-Christian belief system, which was the soil in which individual liberty blossomed. In contrast, Islam is a totalitarian belief system that is all-encompassing and destructive to individual liberty.


Islam, as a totalitarian belief system, does not allow for individual choice. It forbids Muslims (under threat of death) from becoming “non-Muslims” or “former Muslims.” Islam dehumanizes women, people who identify as LGBT, and Christians and Jews and all others who do not submit to and believe in Islam. Saudi Arabia, the center of this system, still forbids Christians and Jews from building houses of worship or people in Islam from openly converting to other faiths. I am hopeful that Prince  Mohammad bin Salman will change this soon, and I pray for him on a regular basis.


It is indisputable that the mosque is the center of totalitarian Islamic conquest. Note the recent conversion of Hagia Sophia from a secular museum respecting its status as a Christian church, back to a mosque. Hagia Sophia did not become a mosque voluntarily, nor did Constantinople become “Istanbul” of its own accord.


Dave Gaubetz, a recognized expert on totalitarian Islam, has numerous documented accounts of Islamic ideology being promoted through the mosques across America. In non-Muslim countries, unchecked Islamic immigration occurs reaches critical mass, and makes demands upon the original population to comply with Islamic ideology, or face political or extra-legal (and often, violent) consequences. See France, Sweden, and many other European countries. See Sudan and many other African countries, for the brutal repression Islamic ideology has brought to the native Sub-Saharan peoples.


While all this is true, there are many otherwise peaceful, loving, great people who are culturally “Muslims,” and many are here in America. These wonderful people (whom God loves) are not “true Muslims,” as defined by the Quran and the Hadiths. They do not follow the totalitarian ideology preached by Mohammed, they do not want to kill others, and they just want what many other American immigrants want – a chance at the American dream; to see their children grow up happy and healthy; and to otherwise pursue life, liberty and happiness – and be a good person.


Yet, like all other Americans, being a good person is not enough to gain favor with God, have sins forgiven, or have assurance of eternal life. There is only one way: Jesus Christ (known to Muslims as “Issa”), who stated that He and His Father “are one;” and who said that “I am the way, the truth, and the life” and that “no one comes to the Father, but by me.” He died to take the penalty for sins, and to stand in the place of punishment for you and for me.


Jesus (speaking through the Apostle Pau) said in the New Testament that if any came preaching a different gospel, let him be accursed. In the Revelation of Jesus Christ, Jesus (speaking through the Apostle John) said that if any man adds to the words of this Gospel, God will add to him the curses found in that book; and if any take away from his words, God would take away his place in the Book of Life. This includes Mohammed, who falsely claimed to be greater than Issa; and who denied His deity.


I have worked in Europe and in Africa over 37 years, as well as in the Middle East, bringing Jesus Christ to the Muslim people, and giving them hope that is only found in Him. I love the Muslim people. In a recent outreach event in the Middle East, the truth of God’s Word brought 2500 former Muslims to faith in Jesus.


I will continue to warn the American people of the dangers found in the totalitarian ideology of Islam, and its center of totalitarian conquest, the mosque. I will continue to reach out to the Muslim people with the good news that their sins can be forgiven, and they can have assurance of God’s love and eternal life, only through faith in “Issa,” who desires a personal relationship with each of them.


Dr. John Polis