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The Truth About Malyasian Airlines 370
By: Dave Gaubatz
24 Mar 2014

For many years I worked counter-terrorism for the American government.  I was often asked to conduct analysis on terrorism intelligence Federal Agents had obtained.  I had a Top Secret plus clearance.  This should be no surprise to most people, but often our government puts out disinformation so as to slow the process of pending and serious issues.

Since day one our government has known where the aircraft is.  They also know the disappearance is somehow related to Islamic based terrorism.  Either the pilots or passengers, but most likely the pilots.  Both with Islamic backgrounds.

Our government in cooperation with other governments want the people around the world to believe this airliner has been located and for the questions about it's dissapearance to cease.  In other words the U.S. doesn't want a backlash against Islamic socieities.  History will show that this incident was Islamic based terrorism, but b…