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Bad Constitutional Cops

Bad Constitutional Cops in America:
By: Dave Gaubatz

I am a former U.S. Federal Agent and worked with U.S. law enforcement for over 20 years.  There are many professional law enforcement officers, but there are sadly many 'bad cops'.  For the most part they receive little or no training in regards to the U.S. Constitution, although they must take an oath before taking office.

It is difficult to define the exact percentage of cops who willingly violate civilians rights (U.S. citizens).  Based on my own experiences I would estimate 60% of law enforcement officers uphold the Constitution and do not willingly break U.S. laws.  That leaves 40% who do not uphold the Constitution.  There are approximately 1 million officers (city, county, state, and federal).  Based on my estimate there are at least 400,000 who work more for their own pride and ego than they do for the citizens they have been sworn to protect.

How do officers violate the Constitution and which ones in particular?  W…

Firsthand Research at the Islamic Society of Boston Mosques

Research Conducted in Boston Mosques
By: Dave Gaubatz
Author: Muslim Mafia
19 Dec 2017

The FBI does not have the capabilities to conduct firsthand research in the 3000 plus mosques in America, so who does it on a nickel budget? Dave Gaubatz, a former U.S. federal agent, author of 'Muslim Mafia', and a U.S. State Department trained Arabic linguist does what the FBI can't do for politically correct reasons and because they (FBI Agents) do not have the required training to undertake such a task. Yes, in the past the FBI has conducted a few investigations in mosques, but they use unreliable and often dirty confidential informants who are primarily Muslim and working off crimes they have committed. It is a security issue to use dirty sources when the stake of our country and more importantly our children will be harmed when mistakes are made or the informant has more loyalties toward Islam than America and the U.S. Constitution.

Since returnin…

Portrait of an American Coward (Chief Nick Willard)

Manchester NH Police Chief Nick Willard  AKA Chief Chicken Little

Patriotic Readers:  Review this article and then contact Chief Willard and respectfully ask him to stop protecting Islamic terrorist supporters at the ISNH (Islamic Society of NH) but to protect innocent men, women, and children who love America and support the U.S. Constitution.  If he does not want to protect the innocent children of Manchester, then call for his firing.

On 30 June 2017, I conducted firsthand research at the ISNH mosque.  I had two witnesses.  One went inside the mosque with me, and the other remained outside the mosque.  The intent was to determine if this mosque was advocating hate toward non Muslims, Americans, Jews, and Muslims who did not want to follow the followings of a dangerous mosque leadership.  The article below by Jim Simpson summarizes my results.

The research at the mosque was simply to determine if the worshippers and mosque leadership were advocating the dangerous ideology of Islam …

Help With Counterterrorism Research

Conducting counterterrorism research in America is expensive, time consuming and yes a CT professional exposing Islamic terrorist issues faces the hate and unethical scrutiny of the main stream media.  Thus far I have conducted research in over 290 mosques and the results have been provided to the public, media, and law enforcement.  Please Donate.  Scroll a page down to DONATE Link on right side. I cant do it without you, Respectfully, Dave G.  (All children are innocent and these angels are who Islamic terrorists target)

10 Reasons to Criminalize Islam

Ten Reasons to CriminalizeIslam
1. Islam is not a religion. Islam is a political, economic, and military ideology that uses religion as a tool to covertly spread Islam and sharia law throughout the world.
2. Islam advocates child marriages. Prophet Mohammed is the pure example of Islam to all Muslims and he married an innocent six year old girl and raped her repeatedly while she was a child.
3. Islam dictates that no man made law is above Sharia law. Islamic scholars routinely teach young Muslim children to hate America and the U.S. Constitution.
4. Islam scholars demand Muslims show no allegiance to any country, specifically America and Israel. Muslim children in America are taught to not stand for the American flag.
5. Physical jihad is advocated toward all non Muslims and non Muslim countries.
6. Islamic scholars distribute materials through their mosques and Islamic book stores advocating the overthrow of America and the total destruction of Israel.
7. There are Islamic organizations in…


FISA Warrants

By: Dave Gaubatz

7 Mar 2017

FISA warrants and the investigation into whether Obama ordered one is hog wash at the highest level. Today my dad who is 78 called me and asked a vital question about the FISA warrants and criminal warrants the Democrats and Republicans are fighting about. He said, "Dave you were a Federal Agent, if your boss wanted you to carryout a task did you ask him for his written authority to do so? I said "of course not, when we received orders from our superiors we carried them out without question". He then said, "don't you think if Obama wanted something done like wiretaps that he knew were wrong, unethical, and criminal that he would not write anything down he would simply inform his subordinates to carry the action out and it would filter to the street level people to carry out the specific orders?

My father a 78 year old man with limited education figured out the way criminals do things without having a criminal hist…