Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Islam Summarized

 1.  Islam is dangerous. There is no nice Islam.

2.  There are no borders within Islam.  The lines drawn separating different Islamic countries were drawn by the British and Muslims do not recognize these lines.

3.  Within Islam there are no moderate Muslims.  One is either a Pure Muslim or an apostate of Islam. To be pure Muslim a person must adhere to and advocate all aspects of Sharia law 100%.  If a person rejects even one aspect of Sharia they have become an apostate and they are subject to the death penalty.

4.  Sharia law covers a Muslims life 24\7.  Everything they do from the time they wake up until they go to sleep is covered extensively under Sharia.  Eating, drinking, prayer, physical jihad  etc...

5.  Prophet Mohammed is a person all Muslims strive to be like.  Keep in mind that Mohammed married a six year old child.  No pure Muslim will ever criticize him for this act and Muslim men across the world follow his example.

6.  One cannot be a good person if they are pure Muslim.  Islam does not allow a person to be good.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Gabby Petito & Brian Laundrie

 Person of Intetest or Suspect:. What is the difference?  When law enforcement and the media use these two terms they are doing so for politically correct reasons only. Based on 15 years years as a federal agent I can 100% inform you that there is absolutely no difference.  Brian Laundrie is a suspect and an arrest warrant awaits him. The use of the term 'person of interest' came about in the last few years.  Before Obama it wasn't used on a routine basis.  In crimes you only have witnesses and suspects...

The death of Gabby Petito is sad, but happens thousands of times everyday around the world.  Practically every law enforcement department receive missing person notifications on a regular basis.  People must remember the 'MEDIA' tells you what is important.  They ignore 999 out of 1000 similar cases.

Analysis:. It is 0135 hours. 21 Sept 2021.  I opine Brian Laundrie is currently in a safe house arranged by his attorney.  He likely caused the death of Gabby and within two days his attorney will negotiate his surrender to the FBI.  Being  we are in America you are iñoccent until proven guilty...well of course if you are a conservative the rules change. I only have publically released  information so it is difficult to offer a more detailed analysis, but Brian Laundrie is a SUSPECT'.

Monday, September 13, 2021

CAIR is a Islamic Muslim terrorist organization. Enough said..



Martial Law

After serving 24 years with the USAF and 13 of those years were with OSI, I feel our military would turn on American citizens if Martial Law was declared.  I love our military but they have slowly been brainwashed by Generals who love Biden and have forgotten their oath to protect citizens from outside and in our country. Currently we have communist running our beautiful country and sadly our military would obey an unlawful order to attack Americans on Americas soil if Martial Law was declared.

My Analysis:. Again sad to say the military would lose the war just as they did in Afghanistan.  Their leaders have brainwashed them to obey unlawful orders. I pray a civil war in American does not happen but it will.  We are in the early stages of it right now. There are millions of veterans who would defend this beautiful country if attacked from within.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Realistic Prepping

When shtf (shit hits the fan) it is usually too late to begin prepping for survival.  There are numerous scenarios that will place you and your family in a life or death long term scenario.  It could be an emp, natural disaster, invasion by a foreign military, govt collapse, nuclear war, etc...

There are things you should have began storing years ago, but if you haven't, start now.   As a minimum strive for one to two years of the following.  Not everything is going to be practical but do your best.

1.  Food 

2.  Water 

3.  Medicines 

4.  Shelter.  Stay in your home if possible 

5. Security items to protect you and your family. 

6.  Candles 

7.  Warm blankets 

8.  Vitamins 

9.  ATV, dirt bike, bicycles.

10.  Don't forget your pets and their needs 

11.  Form close friendships now with like-minded people in your area. 

12.  Plenty of candles 

13.  First aid items 

14.  Backpacks 

15. Silver. Gold, cash 

16.  Barter items.  Do not barter guns, food, or ammo.  You need these.  You can never have enough. 

17.  Batteries, solar power 

18.  Generators 

19.  Tools 

20.  Clothing for all types of weather 

21.  Board up your home 

22.  Start a garden. Now 

23.  Cb radios. Radios, musical instalments for morale 

24.  Build safe room 

25.  Do not discuss what you have outside your small group 

In any scenario lasting over 90 days it is almost a certainty you will lose all govt services.  Do not depend on them.  Do not trust them after six months.  Maintain your religious meetings.  Keep in mind that after 90 days over 1\3 of people will be dead.  After one year it is highly likely 90% will be dead.  No hospitals means a  quick death to most who are slightly sick or who are dependent on medicines. 

As with cave men have plenty of various methods to start a fire.  Dave g

All 911 murderers were Islamic Muslim terrorists

 Do not get dragged into the belief the 911 murderers were simply extremists as UVA wants Americans to believe.  The 911 folks were Islamic Muslim terrorists who followed a Hitler like Prophet Mohammed.  Mohammed was a terrorist and child molester.  There is no good in Islam.  It is dangerous to the world and must be outlawed and abolished.  

CAIR leads the Muslim terrorism effort in America.

President & others Must be Court Martialed

 Coward communist Biden and his fellow communists must be court martialed as traitors and cowards.  Of course senior leading communists in America will prevent this but that does not change the facts on how Biden handled the withdrawal of Americans from Afghanistan.

Biden has humiliated America and .  Serving in the U.S. military is no longer considered honorable when they are serving a communist agenda.  Before joining the military our young people must ask if serving a communist and coward like Biden is actually helping America.  The answer is that it is not.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

ISIS K CAIR others

 Thete is no difference between ISIS, ISIS K, CAIR, Taliban. Al Qaeda,  Hamas, or the dozens of other Islamic Muslim terrorist groups.  They all believe their Prophet Mohammed was and is the ideal character all humans should strive to become. Remember Mohammed is a confirmed child rapist, owner of slaves, advocate for slavery, and hater of Israel just to name a few.

There are no Muslims who do not admire Mohammed for his rape of children.  There is not one Muslim who will say he was wrong.  Not one. If any Muslim did denounce him they would become an apostate. It is as simple as this.

There are over 3500 mosques in America. Several are primary made up of Afghans.  I have been to many of these mosques. They have and utilize the same materials as the Taliban.  Our children are in danger.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Islam is the Originator and Master of BLM/ANTIFA

Over 1400 years ago Islamic leaders, beginning with thie pseudo Prophet Mohammed  began buying and selling slaves.  It is a well known fact and part of Islamic history that Arab Muslims look down upon any other race or culture.  Arab Muslims even despise Black Muslims.  There are numerous references to this in Islamic literature.

I have served in the Middle East since the 1970's beginning with Saudi Arabia and ending in Iraq, as the first U.S. Federal Agent in country, 2003, Nasiriyah.  The Arabs freely used the 'N' word to describe blacks, to include our African American black troops.  I had many discussions with Arabs and openly they told us they hate black people and will use them whenever they can.

The Arabs told of selling blacks into America and many other countries thousands of years ago and up into the late 1900's.  They still trade in black and white slaves throughout the Islamic countries.  Slavery has never been banned within Islam.  Never.

In the United States alone I have conducted firsthand research in over 400 mosques.  Arab leaders often tell me they will allow blacks into Islam, but only to use them for their various objectives.  Arabs realize the black community currently has a lot of political clout and they will use this for their Islamic benefits.

One must always remember the ultimate objective of Islam is to have Islam in control in all parts of the world and to be under under strict Sharia law.  They will use any means to obtain this goal designed by their Allah.

Islamic leaders (Muslims) hate America and Israel.  They will do whatever it takes to destroy these two countries.  Many people believe the Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA movements are either organized by intellectual black leaders or as many say that ANTIFA is an ideology and controlled by no one.

Both statements are wrong.  Islam, through Saudi Arabia controls both of them.  It is the goal of Islam to destroy America and by dividing the white and black communities this will cause the destruction of America.  Saudi and other Islamic countries pour billions into BLM and ANTIFA with the sole purpose of division.

This is done primarily at the University level.  Billions of dollars go into the pockets of Marxist/Communist professors, who then finance the costly protests and demonstrations across America.

Some say that ANTIFA is an ideology only and governed by no one.  100% incorrect.  When there is an ideology it takes people to form all aspects within.  When physical actions such as murders, rapes, blind siding seniors, veterans, children, and looting stores, hijacking cities, and committing billions of dollars of waste by arson, the ideology becomes a reality, and the reality is caused by people.

Saudi pays the professors to dilute the minds of American children and they in turn finance the destruction.  This is not a crimeless ideology as many opine.  It is a reality with real life murderers, arsonists, hijackers, and rapists behind the movement.

In American BLM/ANTIFA also have criminal politicians who hate America allowing the serious crime to take place.

My question to BLM especially.  Are you going to continue to allow Islamic leaders to use, humiliate, and destroy you, or are you going to stand up to the true people (Arab Muslims) who have used you for thousands of years and continue to do so even as the day of this article? (14 July 2021/Dave Gaubatz

Note:  I have always taught my family to love and respect people based on their kind actions and not based on one's color.  I still stand by this.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccine

 The following is my professional opinion based on working for our govt for 24 years, the majority as a U.S. Federal Agent.

1. Covid 19 was a biological weapon leaked on purpose by China, from a laboratory. I worked as a federal agent in New Mexico at Americas top laboratories.  My job was to protect the Top Secret technology being conducted at the base in Albuquerque specifically from getting in the hands of China and Russia. The work being conducted at these labs was by the best scientists in the world.

2.  Covid 19 was of course dangerous, but it was not a pandemic because 99.8% of people who contracted Covid often had no symptoms and/or very little more than a cold or flu and were healthy within a few days.

3.  Masks were more of a health risk than a medical tool to prevent someone from getting Covid.  If these 13 cent masks were beneficial then why did medical personnel working directly with Covid patients dress up in suits astronauts would be proud to wear?

4.  Covid was used as an experimental test to see how easy the worldwide population could be controlled when even a 3rd grade youngster would see the evidence presented was BS!.  Sad fact is most of the world and even so called conservative Americans fell for the scam.

5.  There is no reliable evidence the Covid vaccine works.  Actually there is more evidence to show it doesn't.  American medical personnel have had a century to develop a vaccine for the common flu, yet millions in America alone get the cold and flu, and up to 65,000 die in America alone from the flu that has a vaccine tested for decades.

6.  It is your choice to get a vaccine or not, but I will not be an experimental guinea pig for communist leaders led by Biden, Harris and Fauci. Why any intelligent person would trust a politician involved in stealing an American election and who hates this country is beyond me.

Again, if you decide to get the vaccine then do so. You should insure your decision is voluntary and you do not have Communists belittling you or scaring you into doing so.  Dave g

Monday, July 5, 2021

Prophet Mohammed The Child Rapist

 There are thousands of reasons people should avoid Islam, but I will focus on just one.  There are no disputes amongst Islamic scholars that their Prophet Mohammed married a six year old child and had sex with her.  None whatsoever.  For this one reason Islam should be outlawed and any person who advocates for child marriage/rape should be committed to an insane asylum at the least.

Portland is a 3rd World Dump

 Portland has always been a communist city, but like most cities ran by American haters, Portland is worse than most 3rd world cities.  In foreign countries you have dumps ran by illiterate communists but for the most part the citizens are good people.  Portland is different.  Not only is it a dump ran by communists, the inhabitants are for the most part trash themselves.

Sadly there are many communist dumps scattered across America.  Chicago, Detroit, all of California and many others.  What do they have in common?  They are led by liberal communists.  The truth may hurt but the truth is the truth.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Nov 2020 Coup against America

 For almost 4 decades I have worked national security matters.  With our govt. I obtained evidence about a particular matter and provided my predictions or analysis of the situation.  This analysis was provided to all levels of our govt. to include the Whitehouse.  It was up to people in much higher pay grades to me to choose courses of actions to handle major national security matters.  For instance:

While in Iraq as a federal agent at the start of the war in 2003, my team and I began observing tens of thousands of Iranians pouring into southern Iraq.  We obtained all evidence pertaining to this matter.  We took photos, interviewed hundreds, detained many Iranians, and much more.  I predicted the Iranians were responsible for the IED detonated explosions that killed many Americans and our allies.  I predicted the Iranians would infiltrate Iraq and remove WMD that our govt refused to do.  This intelligence was provided to the Whitehouse.  It was not my position or in my job requirement to attack the Iranian govt.  It was the decision of our generals and elected leaders.

In Nov 2020, a coup against our country was conducted and successfully accomplished.  From within communist elite conspired to overthrow our country and our way of life.  President Trump said this many times. Tv

I have for almost two decades predicted our govt would be overthrown by communists because the American people no longer have the backbone/guts to protect this beautiful country.  The men of 2021 are not of the same caliber of men we had from the 1600's through WWII.  I had also predicted America will fall just as many other empires have fallen for thousands of years.  I predicted America will endure another civil war.  I also predict America will lose and never recover.  I love our country and pray I am wrong.  

There are times I am called a pessimist.  I am neither a pessimist or optimist.  I am a simple realist.  My govt trained me to look at firsthand evidence only and evaluate it.  This is what I do.  I do not want war of any kind.  The primary people hurt in any war are the children.  Have you ever seen children with their skin literally peeling away from their bodies?  I did in Iraq.  After a bombing children would be dead or dying in the streets and screaming for help.  This hurt me very much.  

So, no, I do not want a civil war in America, but because communists decided to overthrow our beautiful country, I predict this will happen.  Again I pray that I am wrong.  

Always after I make a prediction I am bombarded with people asking me for a solution.  My friends, once I make a prediction it is often too late for a successful solution for an issue that has been building for decades.  Sadly America will fall because as I mentioned gutless men have allowed our country to fall.