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The One & Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism

The One & Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism
By: Dave Gaubatz
13 April 2015

Think of the following word for 1 second only and then give a one word description of the thought that enters your mind:
1. Nazi
Now for the second word:
2. Hitler
Now for the third word:
3. Timothy McVeigh (OKC Bomber)
Now for the fourth word/s:
4. Child Rapist
Now for the fifth and final word:
5. Islam

I have given this little test to several people over the last few years. The vast majority of people respond with a very negative description for the words Nazi, Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and Child Rapist.

The response is quiet different when they describe with one word Islam. 10 years ago when I first began giving this test when people were told to describe with one word a description of Islam the typical responses were: Misunderstood, Religion, Mohammed, Middle East, and Shariah. The responses of people who have taken the test in the…