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Pending Civil War in America

While a U.S. Federal Agent it was my responsibility to gather all evidence on a particular issue pertaining to the security of the U.S. government. Then I analyzed each and every piece so I could determine if an issue was a security threat to America and more importantly determine methods to minimize the threat.

Over the last ten years I have analyzed hundreds of pieces of individual data related to a possible civil war in America. It is my thought that within the next 2 -4 years Americans will be activley fighting one another. There will be millions on the left who want the federal government to control virtually all aspects of a persons life, and there will be millions on the right who will stand up and fight for the U.S. Constituion to be the law of the land. The right will not allow freedom of speech or the owning of firearms to be taken from them.

As during the civil war in the 1860's, it will be brother against brother and father against sons and daughter. This civil wa…

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

We all know Nancy Pelosi is a whiny, child acting, and a bully. Megyn Kelly now in my book ranks right beside Pelosi. I had always respected Kelly for the professional manner she discussed current news and major world events. Her behavior during the debate and personal attack on Donald Trump was childish and she has now proved she is no better than O'Reilly in his bully tactic styled media reporting.

Kelly has now got herself plugged into the political equation of possibly who the next President of the United States will be. This is wrong, just as it is equally wrong regarding the manner MSNBC, ABC, and NBC conduct their reporting. We expect this from MSNBC, but not Fox News.

My approval rating for Fox is now almost as equal to that of CNN. I encourage Americans to boycott Kelly and switch to CNN during her show time. Dave Gaubatz