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A Little Old Lady

Today I had the great opportunity to meet one of the sweetest, honest, and most caring ladies I have ever met. She is African American, 90 years old, and I had the opportunity to gain wisdom from a wise person indeed. We began talking about crime in America and she held no punches by telling me why there is so much crime. The lady said our government has forgotten who they work for, they work for the people, not to better their own persons. She went on to say she knew crime would rise when the government no longer allowed Christians and Jews to be Christians and Jews in the school system. What I thought to be her best piece of wisdom was what she told me at the end of our conversation. She said children no longer respect their parents and it is because the parents want to be their friends more than they want or know how to be parents anymore. Discipline at home inspires respect and when parents are not strict with their children the children lose respect and this leads to problem…

Stay Out of Syria

Right this minute Americans and people the world over are waiting for our weak Commander in Chief to shoot a few missiles into Syria. It is almost like shooting a BB gun at a bear. It will have little effect, but to upset the rebels (Al Qaeda) and the Assad regime. It will not stop the civil war going on. Yes, using chemical weapons on civilians is cruel, but this three year war was generated by Obama using the CIA to try and force Assad out of Syria. Obama and the CIA did the same thing with Gadaffi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt. All of the leaders in Islamic based countries are cruel and often less than human, but many of the people they rule over have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Not all, but all Muslims who support Sharia law have only one option. That is to hate and use violence to achieve their desire of having Sharia law in their countries. Americans must begin to realize that Islam has always been dangerous and there is absolutely nothing one can do a…

What Should the U.S. Do About Egypt?

There is turmoil, murder, and the situation is near a civil war in Egypt. What should we do? Now is the time the U.S. backs completely out of Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic based countries. We should stop all foreign aid going to these countries. Christians throughout the Islamic world are being murdered each day by Islamic terrorists and in the name of Islam. We must begin realizing that Islam is dangerous and by providing Islamic based countries with aid and money, it is only hurting America's future. You can't win the hearts and minds of people (Muslims) whose life is filled with hate and war from the time they are born and until the time they leave this earth. They desire violence and war and there is nothing we can do about that. Many people will be saying it would be cruel to remove all aid from Islamic based countries. I say it is cruel for our country and our children to keep paying Islamic leaders to kill innocent people. Dave G.

Islam...Far From Peaceful

One need only look at any location in the world over 1400 years ago and in 2013. Islam has done nothing but cause fighting and death since it's pseudo leader Mohammed came up with the idea of an Islamic ideology. Look in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemin, anywhere and you will see the true nature of Islam. Islam is danger and the enemy is the Islamic ideology itself. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc... are just the tools used by Islamic leaders to carry out their ideology. Either destroy the ideology itself or lose the war., Dave G.
This 81 page manual is by an Islamic scholar from Brooklyn, NY. It exposes Pure Islam, which is filled with hatred, racism, and violence. I encourage anyone studying Islamic issues to botain and then provide to your local law enforcement and politicians to show them what is being taught in mosques all across America. Cost: $25.00 Use Paypal button on right side of screen. Dave G.

Iraq pics

Below are some pics from Iraq. Many people have asked for a few.

Sharia and the Moderate Muslim

Right now people with little training, but who have preconceived ideas about Sharia, will be saying that indeed Sharia can harm you. Then again the other people who also have virtually no training in regards to Sharia or who have never read a book by an Islamic scholar will say that Sharia can’t hurt you. I will take the middle road and tell people to read closely my analogy and decide at the end if Sharia can hurt you and if there are truly ‘Moderate’ Muslims. Can a loaded firearm lying in the middle of a floor hurt you? No. You have a better chance of winning a state lottery than you do of this firearm harming you. Now you can harm yourself or someone else can harm you using this firearm, but lying on the floor this weapon is perfectly safe. But, if it strikes (through the actions/faults of a human), it can kill. Shari is very similar. 90% plus of Sharia (Islamic law) is safe. Even the physical aspects of Jihad (Jihad Qital/physical fighting) is safe unless put into the wro…

American Traitors

Snowden is a traitor. Just a plain traitor to his country. Then again the leader of our country Dictator Obama is a traitor as well. Maybe the two can get together and have a beer. You know just spend a few minutes together talking about how they can work together to destroy America. Russia took traitor Snowden in. They can have Dictator Obama as well. We will not complain. Dave Gaubatz 1st U.S. Federal Agent in Iraq
The Hypocrites of the Media (Yes folks this includes FOX News)..Except for Eric Shawn By: Dave Gaubatz 2 Aug 2013 The majority of people who keep up with my Newsletters and blog ( are familiar with our bestselling book, 'Muslim Mafia'. For those that aren't the CAIR Project was the idea by the Center For Security Policy (CSP/Frank Gaffney), Publius Publications, and David Yerushalmi. Essentially CSP and Publius wanted my team to obtain information revealing what we all knew anyway, that was to expose CAIR Nationals links to Islamic based terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Hamas. CSP, Publius, and Yerushlami wanted direct information pertaining to CAIR's terrorist activities. I was asked by CSP, Publius, and Yerushalmi to direct the project. I respected each so I agreed. One of the parts of the CAIR Project was my researchers protected thousands of CAIR National documents containing criminal evidence from being shre…

Racist Hate filled Manual Distributed by Islamic Scholars

This manual is a must for CT Researchers and American Patriots who want real evidence to show your local law enforcement, politicians, and media. Dave obtained several copies of this manual from a mosque bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. The manual is filled with racist comments, hatred, and informs Muslims how to go underground if they are wanted by law enforcement for terrorism or othercrimes in America. I suggest you obtain this manual and then show to your local authorities. Evidence like this makes more of an impact than having a hundred protestors hold banners against Islam. Only $20.00 Use Paypal.

There is only moderate, no radical, just evil & pure Islam

There is only moderate, no radical, just evil & pure Islam. The Islamic ideology was dangerous, violent, and filled with hatred since the pseudo Prophet Mohammed drummed this false religion up over 1400 years ago. Islam is the same in 2013 as it was 1400 years ago. There is no such thing as different variations of Islam. There are two types of people within Islam. There are 'Practicing Muslims' and non Practicing Muslims'. Many people refer to the non Practicing Muslims as moderates. Islam says they are simply Apostates. The penalty for Apostacy is death. This being said you only have people who practice Islam and all of it's aspects of Sharia, or you have people who are Apostates. There is no in between. So I ask ask you to stop using the terms radical and moderate. When you use the term radical you are saying there is a peaceful side to Islam. There is not. Dave G.