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The Hypocrites of the Media (Yes folks this includes FOX News)..Except for Eric Shawn By: Dave Gaubatz 2 Aug 2013 The majority of people who keep up with my Newsletters and blog ( are familiar with our bestselling book, 'Muslim Mafia'. For those that aren't the CAIR Project was the idea by the Center For Security Policy (CSP/Frank Gaffney), Publius Publications, and David Yerushalmi. Essentially CSP and Publius wanted my team to obtain information revealing what we all knew anyway, that was to expose CAIR Nationals links to Islamic based terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Hamas. CSP, Publius, and Yerushlami wanted direct information pertaining to CAIR's terrorist activities. I was asked by CSP, Publius, and Yerushalmi to direct the project. I respected each so I agreed. One of the parts of the CAIR Project was my researchers protected thousands of CAIR National documents containing criminal evidence from being shredded by CAIR by removing them from CAIR. This was conducted only after approval of CSP and our attorney David Yerushalmi. The documents were to be provided to law enforcement (they were). CAIR says stole, but we all know CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood lie. My team and I saved thousands of documents proving CAIR's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and their support of Islamic terror groups who have vowed to destroy Israel and America. It is no secret over 12,000 documents were removed from CAIR by my researchers and then turned over to me, and then per my instructions by CSP and Yerushalmi, I turned over all documents to the Center For Security Policy (Frank Gaffney) and David Yerushalmi. Most readers know CAIR sued CSP, Yerushalmi, and me once the book was announced to be released. CAIR was upset and embarrassed that we had a team of researchers inside CAIR National for over 6 months, and we obtained direct evidence that CAIR supports Islamic based terrorism against Israel and America. The case is ongoing. CAIR will lose, they know that. Now I will get to why the vast majority of media organizations are hypocritical, and yes this includes our glorious Fox News, specifically O'Reilly and Bret Baier (boring, boring, boring). When my book came out Fox News was going to announce this to the nation. They showed the cowardly nature of the vast majority of their journalist s (to exclude Eric Shaun). They backed off from exposing the truth behind CAIR National and their ties to terrorism. Why? Because they were intimidated, scared, and fearful of the left wing liberal media and the force of CAIR (Saudi government backed). Although false, CAIR and their liberal terrorist supporters were reporting Dave Gaubatz had 'STOLE' 12,000 documents from CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood). Fox News (with some nudging from a major conservative group) backed off from reporting on the importance of 'Muslim Mafia'. If Fox News had taken the lead to bring forth the evidence we obtained, there is a very high likelihood CAIR National would no longer be operating in America. The media are hypocrites to the highest degree. Currently we have Edward Snowden and Private Bradley Manning in the news for stealing hundreds of thousands of 'CLASSIFIED' documents. Neither has denied this. Although the media demonized my researchers and I for removing 12,000 documents from a known Islamic terrorist organization (CAIR), the same liberal media are standing up for Snowden and Manning for 'STEALING' Top Secret documents and providing them to our enemies around the world. Many from the conservative media as well. Of course all media, especially Fox News stood behind their man (James Rosen) when he was under federal investigation for soliciting a government employee to provide him official 'Classified' government documents. For some reason the media (both sides) have no problem giving their utmost support to people like Manning, Snowden, and Rosen for stealing and attempting to 'STEAL' classified documents, knowing the classified intelligence would be in the hands of our enemies around the world. Snowden didn't care, Manning didn't care, and Rosen didn't care if a government employee provided stolen classified documents to him. Rosen and Fox News somehow determined a journalist is a hero if they recruit a U.S. government employee to steal classified documents from our government. O'Reilly, Hannity, Baier, and dozens of others condemned the DOJ for investigating Rosen. Essentially they gave their overwhelming approval that it was ok to steal classified government (American) documents as long as you are a journalist. This is funny, scary, and sadly this is how our leading journalists think and believe. Now we go back to the documents (12,000) my researchers and I took from a Muslim Brotherhood organization (CAIR National) that has advocated over and over again they want to destroy our beautiful country. We did not steal U.S. government documents as Snowden, Manning, and Rosen were doing. We were protecting documents from being destroyed which proved CAIR National, some U.S. politicians, some U.S. citizens, and some law enforcement officers were criminally involved in supporting Islamic based terrorist groups to destroy our country. To break it down this means this group of terrorist supporters were involved in hurting your children and mine. Let's give this a quick review. The leading media organizations in America have provided their support and approval of traitors such as Snowden, Manning, and Rosen, who did or were planning to provide classified government intelligence to our enemies throughout the world, yet because I took documents from an Islamic terrorist organization (CAIR) to be turned over to U.S. law enforcement, I was and continue to be demonized by media organizations for such awful actions. If this is not hypocrisy then my dear readers I ask you to clarify this issue for me. If you do believe the media are hypocrites pertaining to this issue, then I ask you to contact the various media folks I mentioned, and boycott the leading journalists who support the actions of Snowden, Manning and/or Rosen. Note: There is hope for Fox News. Eric Shawn is a great man, American Patriot, and a true journalist.


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