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Bad Constitutional Cops

Bad Constitutional Cops in America:
By: Dave Gaubatz

I am a former U.S. Federal Agent and worked with U.S. law enforcement for over 20 years.  There are many professional law enforcement officers, but there are sadly many 'bad cops'.  For the most part they receive little or no training in regards to the U.S. Constitution, although they must take an oath before taking office.

It is difficult to define the exact percentage of cops who willingly violate civilians rights (U.S. citizens).  Based on my own experiences I would estimate 60% of law enforcement officers uphold the Constitution and do not willingly break U.S. laws.  That leaves 40% who do not uphold the Constitution.  There are approximately 1 million officers (city, county, state, and federal).  Based on my estimate there are at least 400,000 who work more for their own pride and ego than they do for the citizens they have been sworn to protect.

How do officers violate the Constitution and which ones in particular?  W…