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Al Farooq Nashvile TN

In 2008 my team and I conducted research at the Al Farooq mosque in Nashville, TN. During the research we obtained information that an innocent 7 year old Muslim girl may be being abused by her Islamic leaders and worse yet the 7 year old girl said she had a husband. Is there any reason law enforcement, Islamic organizations, the media, and even conservative organizations would not step in and help this child? I tried to get this child assistance and was fought every inch of the way by the groups mentioned above. Our law enforcement and conservative organizations were afraid of being sued by CAIR or others if we brought this matter to the attention of the American public. This is very sad. When we as a country will not step and and try to protect our children for fear of lawsuits, what has our country turned into? we must always protect our children regardless of what a terrorist organization may do. Respectfully, Dave G..


Types of Violent Materials Found in Mosques

The above photos are types of materials being distributed by mosque leaders across America. Do you feel safe? Do you think our government are protecting our country and children?

We Are Not Afraid Of Terrorists

We Are Not Afraid
By: Dave Gaubatz

I have decided to open this blog and name it “We are not afraid” because I have seen over the years the organizations and even our government who are supposed to be protecting our country and children are in reality fearful of exposing Islamic based terrorist groups.

The very people we have relied on to provide information to the public about these terrorist groups are withholding the truth from the public. Why? They are fearful of lawsuits, pressure from politicians aligned with the terrorist groups, and terrorist aligned media groups who prefer to speak up for terrorists before they will assist innocent Americans who have extensive information about Islamic terrorists operating in our country.

Who will suffer? Ultimately our children and their future will be the victims of our ever growing policies to allow terrorists to operate in our country.

How can we win? First we m…

CAIR: Americas #1 Terrorist Threat

CAIR: America’s Number One Terrorist Threat
By: Dave Gaubatz
Author of ‘Muslim Mafia’

Many people have a misconception of Islamic terrorism and falsely believe (based on inaccurate and biased media news agencies) that Al Qaeda, Hamas, The Taliban, etc… are America’s number one terrorist threat. Even our government from both sides of the aisle has led the American people to believe this. The truth is the ideology of Islam itself is America’s major concern and the terrorist based organization CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) promotes the violent aspects of Sharia law inside America. Sharia itself will be America’s downfall and CAIR (financed, promoted, and sponsored by Saudi Arabia) are destroying our country from the inside out.

Now what does ‘inside out’ actually mean in simple and non academic terms? It means that CAIR has for over 15 years built a source network that is several times better than the FBI or any other law enforcement department. CAIR …