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We Are Not Afraid Of Terrorists

We Are Not Afraid
By: Dave Gaubatz

I have decided to open this blog and name it “We are not afraid” because I have seen over the years the organizations and even our government who are supposed to be protecting our country and children are in reality fearful of exposing Islamic based terrorist groups.

The very people we have relied on to provide information to the public about these terrorist groups are withholding the truth from the public. Why? They are fearful of lawsuits, pressure from politicians aligned with the terrorist groups, and terrorist aligned media groups who prefer to speak up for terrorists before they will assist innocent Americans who have extensive information about Islamic terrorists operating in our country.

Who will suffer? Ultimately our children and their future will be the victims of our ever growing policies to allow terrorists to operate in our country.

How can we win? First we must define win. To win is to expose Islamic based terrorist groups and their supporters in America. This can only be accomplished if a group of Americans come together and strongly inform terrorists that ‘We are not afraid’ and we will expose you even if it means we may suffer financially and/or essentially put in an exile from the very organizations who are supposed to be supporting our efforts.

We can defeat Islamic based terrorist groups while conducting our efforts in a legal, professional, and moral manner. Simply put by giving the American people simply the truth will defeat terrorist and their supporters.

To join our group cost nothing. You can provide a donation if you desire to assist in our efforts, but our group ‘We are not Afraid’ will continue operating to protect our country and children. Dave Gaubatz

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