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Hitler, Obama, Prophet Mohammed : Their Common Goals

There have been several tyrants in the history of our world, but there are three who made a lasting and dangerous impact on our world. There should be little convincing to most folks that Hitler was a mad man, tyrant, dictator, and one who cared little for his people. He was power hungry and killed millions of innocent Jewish people. Then we have the pseudo Prophet Mohammed. He was power hungry, a rapist of children (Aisha), and one who is responsible for killing millions of innocent Jews over the last 1400 years. Then we have Obama. Most will agree he is power hungry, hates America, aligns himself more with Sharia law than he does the U.S. Constitution, and is no friend to the Jewish people or Israel. Why then do people migrate to people like Hitler, Mohammed, and Obama? These people were very bright people, they had/have charisma, and they had/have financial support to spread their dangerous ideology. There is a strong possibility Obama and his supporters will bring down the…

Confusing Liberals

How do you confuse a Liberal? Answer: Tell the truth and Use Facts Islam and Homosexuality: In Islam/Sharia law it is a major offense to be homosexual. The penalty under Sharia law is death. Why then do liberals, dems, and Gay groups align themselves with Islam before they do with any conservative movement. Liberals will attend a CAIR, ISNA, or any Islamic group conference and support these groups although Sharia law clearly dictates the death penalty for homosexuals. Are liberals simply ignorant, or do seek the punishment of death for their sins under Islam? I go with the vast majority are very, very ignorant. I encourage any homosexual who has Muslim friends to travel to Saudi Arabia with them and 'come out' about their homosexual activities in public. Will they. Not likely. Dave Gaubatz