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Hitler, Obama, Prophet Mohammed : Their Common Goals

There have been several tyrants in the history of our world, but there are three who made a lasting and dangerous impact on our world. There should be little convincing to most folks that Hitler was a mad man, tyrant, dictator, and one who cared little for his people. He was power hungry and killed millions of innocent Jewish people. Then we have the pseudo Prophet Mohammed. He was power hungry, a rapist of children (Aisha), and one who is responsible for killing millions of innocent Jews over the last 1400 years. Then we have Obama. Most will agree he is power hungry, hates America, aligns himself more with Sharia law than he does the U.S. Constitution, and is no friend to the Jewish people or Israel. Why then do people migrate to people like Hitler, Mohammed, and Obama? These people were very bright people, they had/have charisma, and they had/have financial support to spread their dangerous ideology. There is a strong possibility Obama and his supporters will bring down the America as we know and have loved. Now is the time to support conservative organizations who are trying to expose Obama for who he truly is. We must continue to support Israel and the Jewish people. Otherwise we are going to lose our beautiful country. Dave Gaubatz


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ISIS in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Last weekend I was invited to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to give a presentation on Islamic terrorist events not only throughout the world, but also in the military community of Fort Walton. It has always been my policy that I will not say anything negative about anyone or any organization unless I have first hand evidence to support my claim. On 8 Jan 2016, I went to the Islamic Da'wah Center of Fort Walton Beach, 6 Hollywood Blvd SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548. Keep in mind the term Da'wah means to spread the ideology of Islam. In essence it is missionary work. My friends in Fort Walton and the surrounding area are surrounded by ISIS members/supporters who are living, working, and spreading the very same ideology as ISIS advocates in Syria and around the world.

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Liberals in America are the Enemies of America

Each and every day the conservative media outlines the number one threat to America, which they say is ISIS and Al Qaeda. Indeed they are our enemies, but the Islamic ideology itself is the root of the problem and must be addressed at some point if we want to secure our nation.

Our beautiful country has another enemy standing in open view across America. The liberal Democrats are just as much an enemy as ISIS. Liberals allow Islam to flourish. The vast majority of liberals hate America. Liberals support Islamic terrorist groups by their outright hatred of America and conservatives. These people will support CAIR and other Islamic groups before they will U.S. veterans who are outspoken about Islamic terrorists. It still amazes me that liberal homosexuals would support the Democratic party even though they align themselves with Islamic groups that adhere to Sharia law and the belief that homosexuals should be killed.

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Research Inside America's Mosques

If you want to assist Dave in conducting firsthand research inside America's "Most Dangerous Mosques" please contact him at or 804-836-4675 The research is expensive. If you can provide accommodations, travel expenses, use of a vehicle, or desire to become a sponsor of Dave please email or call him. All results of the research will be provided to the public immediately after the mosque visit.

Obama is leading this country into an almost certain civil war. Whose side are you on? Dave G.