Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Four Most Influential Racists In America are Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton

The Four Biggest Racists In America The Zimmerman trial has brought out the inner feelings of millions of people in America. For the most part the worst. Liberals are very hypocritical. They whine and cry and march upon Washington DC until the state of Florida finally arrests George Zimmerman (for only defending himself from Martin). At the same time the DOJ opens a case over 16 months ago to determine if Zimmerman shot Martin because he (Zimmerman was a Racist). The conclusion was no. The liberal whiners and their leading Racist leaders insured Zimmerman was put through hell during the court proceedings. They had a biased Judge and Prosecutors in this case, yet the Jury saw through all of this, and determined Zimmerman was an innocent man, as most Americans already knew. I had predicted well before the verdict was in that the media (from all sides) truly wanted a not guilty verdict because they knew the animals in America would begin protests and would conduct violence on the streets of America. This would insure the media would have a few more weeks to have top ratings. the sad part of all of this is that America's top leading Racists are benefiting from the violent protests. The top four influential Racists in America are: Dictator Obama, his mongrel Eric Holder, and two non American losers, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They are the ones who are fueling the violent protests and the American criminal justice system should hold them accountable, but they will not. Dictator Obama could have brought calm to the nation if he would have said the jury sustem worked. It is the system of America and we must support the decisions of our jury. He couldn't do this because inside Obama is a person who hates America and will do anything to insure there is always turmoil in our country. Sad, Sad, Sad. But in 2016 we can change this. Will we? Likely not because of the liberal and non American influence in our country that is spreading like cancer. Dave Gaubatz

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