Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Did you know there is a "hater and racist" list? Being on it may negate your "Stand Your Ground" protection"

A must read article by Dave Gaubatz If Zimmerman had belonged to the Tea Party, ACT For America, NRA, an active supporter of Dave Gaubatz, Emerson, CSP, etc... not only would he have been confirmed by the media as a hater and racist, he would likley be in prison now. Dave G


  1. Zimmerman's life -- and his family's life -- is ruined now. And why? Because he defended himself against a young man (Not a child!) who would have murdered him or, if not that, would have done him severe brain damage.

    BTW, I've now got your site blogrolled. Finally got around to it!

    1. You are great and the work you do is very, very much respected and appreciated, Dave G..