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Stop Being Afraid and Intimidated By Liberals & Islamic Terrorist Supporters Conservatives are afraid of liberals and this hurts our country. In Afghanistan and Iraq our country has lost over 3000 troops. While serving in Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) I had the opportunity to serve with young men and women who were willing to give their lives for America. Never once did I witness American troops run from the enemy, nor did they hide who they are and what they stood for. They supported one another. Why then do I witness on a continuous basis an overwhelming number of Conservative Patriots who appear fearful of confronting the enemy inside America? Regardless of what the main stream media (MSM) may say, there is an internal war going on in America. Liberals and Conservatives are in an invisible fight against one another. I predict there will come a time in the near future when there are more physical confrontations between the two groups. While growing up and only until a few short years ago I could not imagine how American brothers, fathers, and friends could ever fight against one another during the ‘Civil War’. Weren’t they all just Americans? Yet they did. I can now see how this came about and will likely come about again. In 2003, after I left Iraq I predicted (based on my experiences with the Sunni and Shia people) there would be a civil war inside Iraq. It happened and thousands of peaceful (sarcasm) Muslims are killing each other in a civil war. Ramadan is supposed to be a peaceful time for Muslims worldwide; the only thing is Muslims themselves don’t even believe this fallacy. Do you want to know how many Muslims have killed one another during the last period of Ramadan? Hundreds and hundreds, but we will never know because what is happening in Iraq, Egypt, Palestine is not a media issue right now. The top news is a Princess in England having a baby. Essentially it comes down to this. Liberals believe Conservatives are overbearing people who care only for their God, Guns, and an overrated American way of life. Conservatives believe Liberals are ant-American, Socialist lovers, and supporters of the Islamic terror groups who desire the total destruction of America. I believe readers have no doubt which group I fall into. I am a Conservative Patriotic American who loves our country and truly feel Liberals are a group of hypocritical, whining snobs, who support the very ideology (Islam) that is not only killing our young men and women, but killing thousands worldwide in the name of Islam. When I say Liberals are hypocrites I will use this analogy. The Supreme leader of the liberals is Dictator Obama. He and his liberal supporters across America pretend to love our American troops, and in no way blame them for a war against Islamic based countries. In reality the liberals hate U.S. military men and women just as they did during the Vietnam war. The only difference is they know if they were to openly call our troops baby killers and haters as they did during the Vietnam war and afterwards, the wrath of conservative Patriotic Americans would make their spineless lives hell. Don’t for a minute think liberals care about troops. If they did how can they in turn support Islam and Sharia law? The very ideology that has killed and will continue to kill them. What surprises me most of all in America is that Conservatives are actually more fearful of Liberals than the other way around. Why do many Conservative bloggers, writers, and organizational leaders use false names in their writings, or even when giving public speeches. They are so afraid of liberals that they change their God given names so liberals will not know who they are. I have even had some conservative patriots who call me, but are afraid to stay on the line too long in case anyone is listening! Listening to what I ask! There is nothing that I write or say that I would not swear to in any court. Stop being afraid to speak your mind about various issues! Our troops overseas do not run from the enemy and we can’t do so inside America. You should be proud of who you are. Conservatives are the last line of defense in saving this country. Do not hide behind false identities and be fearful of speaking out. You should not feel ashamed of caring for this beautiful country. Never, never should you run from the enemy. Be proud of who you are and use the names your parents gave you at birth. Do not be afraid to stand up and support your fellow conservatives. The liberals came out from all corners of America to protest the verdict of George Zimmerman. How many conservatives came out to protest against the socialist liberals? Very few. Why is this? I give credit to liberals in one way. They do support one another. They have no problem coming out in the hundreds of thousands to protest an alleged misdeed by their conservative enemies. The liberal journalist uses their power of the media to get their concerns out. Conservatives do not do this, or if they do, they do it poorly. I will use my fight with Islamic terrorists and their supporters (CAIR National/Muslim Brotherhood) as an example. For four years my son and I have been in a battle with the terror supporting heads of CAIR. I had put together a great team of researchers who risked their lives to go inside CAIR National. They obtained great evidence which should have put CAIR out of business. I directed my team to conduct the research in a legal, ethical, and unbiased manner. Did Fox News (our supposed saviors and fighters for conservative Americans) come out in full support? No…they didn’t come out at all. Instead Bill O’Reilly brought Dougie Ibrahim Hooper (PR Spokesperson for CAIR National/Muslim Brotherhood HQ) into his office for an interview. O’Reilly sucked up to Hooper and CAIR. Not one document from our book was ever presented to Hooper, by O’Reilly. CAIR had already sworn in federal court all documents we had obtained were original and true (even documents which proved criminal activity and support of Islamic terror groups as Al Qaeda and Hamas). This would have been a great time for O’Reilly to help shutdown a terrorist organization in America. He failed to do so, instead he called Hooper a great Patriotic American. Sad. Fox News has not supported my team and I because Saudi Arabia gives them millions, and I can’t. Then we have conservative politicians who initially came out in a group of four or so to support the work we did inside CAIR National. This lasted only as long as it took CAIR and their liberal supporters to demonize my team and I just as liberals did with Zimmerman. Then conservative politicians began hiding in their safe offices away from the scary liberals. Did they really expect CAIR and their liberal goons not to come out in full force against me? The truth means little to groups such as CAIR, yet most conservative politicians run and hide from them when they start throwing their ring of lies. The main lesson I have personally learned from exposing the illegal, immoral, and unethical activities of liberals and Islamic terror supporting groups is that few conservative Americans will come out to support you when the heat is on. It is safer for them to stay in the background than to incur the wrath of liberals. There have been a few patriots who have openly came out to support the work involved in ‘Muslim Mafia’, and I thank them. George Zimmerman had said it best. He was trying to protect his community and its people, and unfortunately he ended up having to kill another human in order to save his own life. He expected the media, law enforcement, politicians, and citizens to stand up for him. They failed him. The very people who could have came out initially and stand up for him went into hiding when the wrath of whining liberals began. They have only began to come out of their hiding places once it was fairly safe when they had the side of a ‘not guilty verdict’ on their side. If you want to save our country from the oncoming onslaught of liberals, Islamic terror groups, and their supporters, you must not be ashamed of who you are and what you are fighting for. We are Patriotic Americans and we are in the fight for the life of our beautiful country. She is gasping for air because she is being strangled by liberal thinking and anti-American values. She can’t hold out much longer. Save her while you can and be proud to do so.


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