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Sean Hannity Hurting America More Than Helping

This is an 81 page manual written by a Muslim in Brooklyn, NY, and distributed by 'Moderate Muslims' all across the world.  It is an attack on our U.S. law enforcement officers.  This type material is more likely to be found in a U.S. mosque than the Quran is.  I know...I have been to mosques all across America.

Sean Hannity (Fox News) comes across as a strong journalist who is tough on Islam.  He is not.  He is only 'tough' on actual Jihad terrorists such as the ones with ISIS or Hamas.  He is actually weak on the supporters of these groups such as the millions of Muslims in America who share the same beliefs as the Islamic terrorists.

Hannity almost always speaks tough words on Islamic terrorism, but always ends by saying they are Radical Muslims.  He is suggesting Islam itself is very peaceful and the Muslim people as a whole are loving and caring people whose religion has been hijacked.  This is the same message that CAIR, ISNA, etc.. use as their primary propagan…

Pure Islam Being Displayed in Iraq

If people want to know how Islam founded by Mohammed was intended to be practiced, they can go to one of two places.  you can go to Saudi Arabia or Iraq.  There are many other Islamic countries doing their best to return to Pure Islam.  We must begin to understand that Islam was never intended to be peaceful.  From it's start 1400 years ago, it is an ideology that is very, very violent.  Islamic leaders have always taught that when Islam is weak or outnumbered, they lay low and do not seek outside attention.  When they are strong the true Islam comes out.  This is beginning to happen because there are no world leaders strong enough to stand up against Islam.

There are also world leaders who are Pure Islam biggest fans.  One is Obama.  For centuries when people are being abused, murdered, or persecuted, America has always been the one to fight the tyrants.  Thousands upon thousands of innocent Christians are being slaughtered in the name of Islam in various Islamic countries, to i…

No More Sympathy For So Called Moderate Muslims

Christians and Jews the world over are being slaughtered in the name of Islam.  Do the so called Moderate Muslims denounce Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc...?  No.  Instead they call for Israel and America to stop the oppression of Muslims and for them to stop the violence against Muslims.  These moderates believe Israel and America are the problems (terrorists) and not Islamic terrorist groups.

Right now a Caliphate is building in Iraq. The moderate Muslims in America are not denouncing the building of a Caliphate.  Why?  Because this is a basic tenet of Islam.  Any Muslim who has even a mild to firm belief in Islam, believes in Islam taking over the world.  Christians in Iraq are being told to leave, revert to Islam, pay taxes, or face death.  Remember this is the tolerant and peaceful Islamic ideology dictating this.

There will still be many Americans who say the actions of Al Qaeda and ISIS are not what is being taught in mosques around the world.  I have now visited over 275 mosques …

Islamic organizations and their Worshippers to Protest Against Israel This Week

I have a source that sends me internal emails from the ADAMS Center, ISNA, etc...

Where: Capitol Hill
When: Thursday, July 24, 2014 from 9AM-5PM

It would be nice to have hundreds of Israel supporters countering the Muslims who support Hamas (Islamic terrorist organization).  The fact that Muslims are protesting against Israel is just another example of their true beliefs about Jews, Christians, and their false allegiance to America.  Islam and it's believers can't assimilate into America.  Shariah law and the U.S. constitution are not compatible.  The only way to defeat Islamic based terrorism is to destroy the Islamic ideology itself.  Through marketing campaigns we must continue to denounce Islam as evil and dangerous.  Maybe in a few decades people will cring when they hear the word Islam, just as we cringe today when Hitler and his murderous Nazi's are mentioned.  Dave Gaubatz

adams1] Fwd: ACTION ALERT: Emergency Advocacy Day for Gaza THIS T…

U.S. Cops Out of Control: Military Style Tactics Upsetting Americans

City, County, State, and Federal Law Enforcement (LEO) are increasingly crossing the line from helping U.S. citizens, to targeting U.S. citizens and using Gestapo tactics.  There are many incidents each day of excessive force and police brutality in America.  I spent my entire adult career in law enforcement and feel I can discuss this taboo topic.

Many LEO's believe they are above the law.  They feel when they confront a suspect (speeding ticket to murder), the person is already guilty and no humanity is shown the suspect.  All it takes is one wrong word to the cop, and you face being tasered, beaten, or even shot.  it does not seem to matter if the suspect is an 8 year old child, an 85 year old lady in a wheelchair, or a 95 year old bed ridden man in a nursing home.

Why is this happening.  It is a long range goal of the Obama administration and liberals to align cops with their military counterparts.  Many U.S. cops believe they are a military unit, with military style weapons a…

The FBI Are Not America's First Line Defenders

The FBI Are Not America's First-Line Defenders 2 July 2014 By: Dave Gaubatz
American citizens are led to believe the FBI and it's force of approximately 14,000 Federal Agents are America's first line of defense against Islamic based terrorism.  They are not. You, the American public are America's first line of defense and if you do not do your job, we will have Al Qaeda and ISIS fighting in the streets of America and killing innocent Americans.
The 30 page booklet pictured above is found in most Sunni Islamic mosques, public libraries and even in U.S. public schools. It is produced in Saudi Arabia and then distributed all across America by the hundreds of thousands through organizations such as CAIR (Islamic terrorist organization).  It is a book meant to capture the attention of young children with it's pretty colors.  There is only one problem.  The book is written and edited by Islamic terrorists such as Ali Al Timimi.  He is currently in a U.S. prison for terrorist…