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Liberals in America are the Enemies of America

Each and every day the conservative media outlines the number one threat to America, which they say is ISIS and Al Qaeda. Indeed they are our enemies, but the Islamic ideology itself is the root of the problem and must be addressed at some point if we want to secure our nation.

Our beautiful country has another enemy standing in open view across America. The liberal Democrats are just as much an enemy as ISIS. Liberals allow Islam to flourish. The vast majority of liberals hate America. Liberals support Islamic terrorist groups by their outright hatred of America and conservatives. These people will support CAIR and other Islamic groups before they will U.S. veterans who are outspoken about Islamic terrorists. It still amazes me that liberal homosexuals would support the Democratic party even though they align themselves with Islamic groups that adhere to Sharia law and the belief that homosexuals should be killed.

What can be done? Actually very little. Islamic groups such …

Donate for Firsthand Mosque Research

There are approximately 2300 mosques in America. 80% of these mosques are safe havens for Islamic terrorist activity. I have personally conducted research inside 280 mosques and the results are disturbing. It is necessary now to conduct further research and to provide the details to the American public so they can put pressure on their law enforcement and politicians to protect our country and our children. All donations will help to put Dave on the road to locate Islamic terror cells. DONATE at top of Home page.

Son of Dave Gaubatz Testifying Before U.S. Senate

My son Chris Gaubatz testifying at Sen Ted Cruz's Islamic terrorism hearing this Tuesday. Well worth watching. Dave Gaubatz