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You are not safe in America... Our LE are not trained to investigate Terrorist Mosque activity

The photograph is my daughter (in middle) and two of her best friends who were in danger in Iraq, and I led a team of Federal Agents to rescue them and their family early one morning. Al Qaeda had put out hits on this family because some of their relatives had helped with the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch (My hero). The young girls and their family were brought to America for security. These two little Muslim girls and my daughter are an example of how all adults should live. They care about each other, they teach each other their respective languages, and they respect each other. They do not care about the wars, they just want to be cared for, be safe, and be friends for life.

Now we can get to the meaty part of the primary subject. Are our U.S. law enforcement officers (LEO) at the city, county, state, and federal trained to determine which mosques and their worshippers are potential active Islamic terrorists? The answer is no and our families are not safe. Politicians, m…

U.S. Law Enforcement: Are they trained to protect our families and cities from Islamic/Muslim Based Terrorism?

Our U.S. Law Enforcement Officers are NOT Trained to Conduct CT research In Mosques. Many have said they have researched mosques, but can't produce a report for the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Secondly, our Law Enforcement Aren't allowed to even get close to saying the Islamic Ideology is America's Danger. Can you imagine an FBI Agent sending a report to the current White House staff and tell them they are wrong, "that in fact Islam is dangerous and we are at War with Islam"?
We have the best law enforcement in the world, but many of our elected leaders do not allow them to be trained to know how to collect first hand evidence.

I do not charge a fee to conduct research in your area, nor to provide a presentation. I ask for travel expenses only. By donating you will make it possible for me to conduct research in major cities and do it at no cost to the American taxpayer. Go to the donate link on this page or send to my Paypal ID at

Let's Defeat the Liberals

Americans have been led to believe that the Islamic terrorist groups are America' number one threat to our country. I disagree one hundred percent. Of course the groups are dangerous but our number one national security threat are the liberals in America who allow such Islamic terror supporters such as Cair and other terror supporters to operate in our country. Liberals support such anti American Congressmen such as Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Conservatives must unite, stop fighting amongst ourselves, stop fighting for pockets of money from donors, and work together. The future of our children are at risk. Unite, fight,and neutralize the power of the liberals. Dave Gaubatz

ISIS in Fort Walton Beach Florida

Last weekend I was invited to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to give a presentation on Islamic terrorist events not only throughout the world, but also in the military community of Fort Walton. It has always been my policy that I will not say anything negative about anyone or any organization unless I have first hand evidence to support my claim. On 8 Jan 2016, I went to the Islamic Da'wah Center of Fort Walton Beach, 6 Hollywood Blvd SW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548. Keep in mind the term Da'wah means to spread the ideology of Islam. In essence it is missionary work. My friends in Fort Walton and the surrounding area are surrounded by ISIS members/supporters who are living, working, and spreading the very same ideology as ISIS advocates in Syria and around the world.

ISIS would be proud of the Imam of the Fort Walton Beach mosque. Worshippers are provided numerous booklets, manuals, brochures, DVD's and 500 plus page books promoting an Islamic caliphate worldwide and und…

Dave Gaubatz & First Hand Counter-Terrorism Research

The above photograph is me from 2003 in Nasiriyah, Iraq. My team and I would go to various Iraqi hospitals and provide them medicines, food, water, etc. We especially wanted to help the children. All children are innocent, it is adults who start wars and the true victims of any war are the innocent children whose life's are destroyed. Dave Gaubatz

I will keep this simple. I have conducted research at over 275 mosques in America. The conclusion is the mosques in America are breeding grounds for Islamic based terrorism. I would like to conduct another research project of 300 more mosques in America. It costs money. If you want to help please donate. the results of all research will be posted on my blog and in other conservative sites. You can use the Paypal button on this blog or use my Paypal ID which is

All donations are very much appreciated. Respectfully, Dave Gaubatz

The picture of the three girls is precious. My daughter is in the middle and s…