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You are not safe in America... Our LE are not trained to investigate Terrorist Mosque activity

The photograph is my daughter (in middle) and two of her best friends who were in danger in Iraq, and I led a team of Federal Agents to rescue them and their family early one morning. Al Qaeda had put out hits on this family because some of their relatives had helped with the rescue of Private Jessica Lynch (My hero). The young girls and their family were brought to America for security. These two little Muslim girls and my daughter are an example of how all adults should live. They care about each other, they teach each other their respective languages, and they respect each other. They do not care about the wars, they just want to be cared for, be safe, and be friends for life.

Now we can get to the meaty part of the primary subject. Are our U.S. law enforcement officers (LEO) at the city, county, state, and federal trained to determine which mosques and their worshippers are potential active Islamic terrorists? The answer is no and our families are not safe. Politicians, media, and senior law enforcement spend lots of time and taxpayers money telling us we are safe. You are being lied to. There are only a small handful of officers at the federal level who even come close to being properly trained. U.S. LE officers receive little or no training in how to conduct research of a mosque to determine if the mosque is spreading the violent aspects of Islamic based terrorism.

We have the best officers in the world, but unfortunately they are on short leashes in the hands of self interest politicians from both sides. Our officers are not and never will be allowed to conduct an investigation and come up with the only conclusion they have available. The Islamic ideology and Islam itself are the world's enemies. Many professionals who can run rings around our officers is a gentleman named Dr. Douglas Layton. He is the most knowledgeable man in America who truly understands the Muslim mindset, the history of Islam, Sharia law and why Islam itself is our primary national security threat. Ask yourself if you believe any senior law enforcement official would dare coming even close to saying 'America is at war with Islam'. It will never happen. Politicians from the left and right at all levels of government would conduct a personal attack on the officer, and it is almost a certainty the officer would lose his/her job. Our government leaders would do everything in their power to discredit the officer and his reputation would be so ruined he would never be able to obtain another position in law enforcement and many other careers. He would be blacklisted by the state and federal governments.

I know about the power of the media, government officials, and law enforcement. I know because for 15 plus years I have been blacklisted by each of these groups. They attempt to discredit (harass) me when I conduct firsthand research in their cities. I have been trained and self educated myself on how to understand the Muslim mindset, Islam, Islamic terrorists, and how to determine if a mosque is a threat to a community. I study the best material in the world on Islamic issues by reading hundreds and hundreds of books, magazines, and audio/video Law enforcement not want to hear about the research and my analysis because it would be saying to the community that law enforcement are not protecting them from Islamic based terrorism if a civilian comes in and does their work and determines there may be a threat. When I conduct research at a mosque it is simply going to the mosque for prayers as I have been taught, look for materials the mosque Imam provides to his worshippers to study and understand Islam correctly I speak to the Imam and worshippers in a friendly manner and evaluate what they say. There is so much an individual has to do and understand in order to be fully accepted in a mosque. You can't go inside and use the old law enforcement line of "I am new to Islam and want to learn more. This is an automatic that that person will get no information

Let me discuss why there are only a handful of people who under the Islamic based ideology and how to determine if a mosque is safe or a potential threat. I can tell you none of the handful of counter-terrorism experts are media, politicians, or law enforcement:

1. You need to spend at least five years studying and studying and continuing to study books and manuals that are given to worshippers in a mosque. This is firsthand evidence. There are some books in a mosque that are 200 pages each and ten volumes. You must be able to digest this information for long term use.
2. It helps to be able to read and speak at some low level the Arabic language.
3. You must understand that conducting undercover work in a mosque is not the same as conducting undercover work in drug investigations. The people who LE place undercover are one's have the gift of gab and must be able to carry long conversations with suspect drug dealers and users. This is a mistake when you investigate a mosque. You do not want people who have the gift of gab, but instead you want a person who knows when to be silent, shut up, and learn.
4. You must understand all aspects from Sharia law (governing a Muslims life from morning to the next morning. Sharia is anything from how to eat and drink properly, how to conduct wudu (cleansing of a body before prayer), prayer methods for Sunni and Shiite variations, how to browse two hundred books in a mosque in less than 10 minutes. Essentially you have to insure you are Sharia compliant and are just at being a devoted Muslim even further than 75% of the Muslims attending the mosque.
5. You must be able to be a good enough pseudo Muslim that you can not only attend Sharia classes, but be able to teach Sharia law to the mosque worshippers.
6. You must devote your life 24 hours a day to Islam. You must spend more time in mosques and Islamic classes than you do your own religion. You must know it is likely you could loose your family because you are devoted to understanding Islam so you can be a part of America that understands firsthand Islam and the Islamic way of life.
7. You must understand you may be sued (which I have, but I still say 'Piss off to CAIR') and I could again put five of my researchers inside any of their offices across America and have them stay there undercover for 6 months or more. Message to CAIR: Do I have researchers in your offices right now?.
8. You must understand you will receive constant death threats from the so called peaceful Muslims. You may actually be killed, but in America we cannot hide from Islamic terrorists or their supporters in America which is in the hundreds of thousands. Patriotic Americans I tell you never hide or be fearful of Islamic terrorists. As Americans we do not run and hide. Our brave troops numbering over 4,000 did not run and hide, they fought for America until the enemy (Islam and Islamic terrorists were destroyed). If as Americans we ever run and hide we may as well raise the white flag of surrender.
9. It helps tremendously if you have visited an Islamic country, or lived and worked there.

Now a question: How many law enforcement officers at any level could answer yes to all of the above requirements? The answer again is maybe a couple, but likely not even that. It is not bragging on my part but after I returned from Iraq in late 2003, I left the federal government so I could devote the rest of my life devoted to under the mindset of Islamic terrorists. I was tired that as a Federal Agent anything Islamic was normally thrown into the back of a safe, classified at a high level so the public could never reach, and the information was never released to the American patriots who are really America's first line of defense. The documents were never released because if the documents are classified as Confidential, Secret or Top Secret they will never be allowed for review which often show serious mistakes by government officials, and also often the documents are classified to cover illegal activity by a government official. The media, LE, and politicians will tell you the documents can't be released due to National Security concerns. When you are told this by a government official say 'Bullshit'. 9 of 10 government documents that are labeled classified, should have no classification of all. This is based on my 24 years as working on high level Top Secret projects.

Conclusion: Three things for you:
1. Scream at the top of your voices to the media, LE, and politicians who harass and attempt to discredit Americans solely because they have not done their jobs and do not want to face scrutiny. I am a vet and former U.S. Federal Agent, and when I came back from Iraq in late 2003 I was diagnosed with Combat PTSD. It was so bad at first that I was hospitalized for 5 days. I ended up loosing a beautiful wife who gave us two wonderful children. In 2009 we were married for almost 30 years. PTSD changed me. I was not the same person. Believe it or not there are some media, LE and politicians, who have used my Combat PTSD to discredit me and harass me because I had been a veteran and now have PTSD because I volunteered to go to war and protect our country. Should I be discredited and embarrassed because 12 years ago I witnessed such things as our troops being beheaded and buried on a soccer field at the goal post so our American troops could be stomped on by the kids playing soccer. How many politicians or media have told you that we had young troops beheaded and buried? I uncovered several. I guess if it helps the egos of leaders in America to discredit our troops to satisfy their selfish goals, then so be it. For me I think people who do this are only a step above Muslim terrorists who kill innocent people. I pray for the troops involved in Benghazi who came forward, told the truth, and were bashed and discredited by Hillary Clinton to save her career. I am more concerned about these troops than the personal desires of a lady who will support Islamic terrorists operating in America before she will our troops.
2. Scream to your local leaders to produce reports of their investigations of mosques. You the taxpayer paid for these poor investigations.
3. The elections are upcoming. Vote for people like Laurie Bartlett, House of Representatives, Florida, and send her an email of your support ( If we had only 50 people like Laurie in the top positions in our government, we could wave and dismiss thousands of politicians more loyal to Shariah Law than they are the U.S. Constitution. Laurie's views on tough subjects are what we need to protect America and our children.

Send an email or even go to your LE, Media, and Politicians and tell them to support a wounded troop with PTSD and stop all further attempts to discredit. It would only take 10 minutes to verify who I am. I have 24 years of documents about me in government safe's so in a couple of hours you can validate my patriotism and stop silly attempts to discredit me and others.

Note: There will likely be spelling and grammatical errors. I like to work in the Islamic tunnels in America more than I do writing, but I will continue so I get important messages out.


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