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America's Only Hope Is A Trump Presidency:Islam seeks the Destruction of America

The majority of American's are debating, or a better term is arguing about the person they feel can serve America as our next President. I am writing this article not on behalf of pure and solidified liberals because we all know at this point their overall objective is to destroy America from within, and they want Hillary Clinton to finish the job Obama started. Note: That is if Obama doesn't again surprise us say with some form of martial law before he leaves office.

America is on the edge of losing it's beautiful identity, culture, strength, and in the end, our land. Islamic terrorists and their supporters are doing everything in their power to destroy our America, and Islamic terrorists are already located in virtually every town/city in America. As many know I travel America looking for signs of unlawful activity occurring in American mosques. I have been on the road now for several weeks throughout various states and I can tell you the attitude is that Islamic leaders feel they are stronger than all Americans combined and when Muslims feel they are strong they then turn satanic and brutal toward their enemies. Americans have seen their brutality from afar, but on a limited basis inside America. 911 is small in comparison to what they intend to do to America and Americans. Can you imagine one major 911 type attack after another being conducted all across our nation each and every week?

If Donald Trump wins the Presidency, he may not be the savior of our country, but he will be able to slow the process of decline down. This is what America needs. We need time to prepare for the battle with Islam (note I said Islam) that Muslims have been preparing for over 1400 years. Sadly for our children the days have arrived. I encourage all pure Americans to prepare. Do not give up any of your Constitutional rights, especially your right of free speech and to have personal arms as our founders desired for us. They knew there would come a day when Americans would be fighting inside our country to save her from destruction. I vote we do not dishonor our founders.


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