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Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

By: Dave Gaubatz

22 Dec 2015

Why do politicians, media, The American Public, and senior law enforcement officials shy away from directly pointing out that the founder of Islam (Mohammed) was a child rapist? Muslims are not shy about pointing out the fact that Mohammed did marry a six year old child. How many child slaves and concubines did he have? Mohammed is the example of all Muslim men to follow. Not only did they follow his lead of raping children 1400 years ago, Muslims around the world continue to openly marrying girls as young as six. Muslim men also practice this sad act in America. Islam is for the world, not just Muslim dominated countries. There is no man made law that trumps Sharia law.

In the last few days Obama's follower Mrs. Clinton has accused Donald Trump of being a recruiter for ISIS because of recent statements Trump has made against Islam and Muslims. This is the most ignorant statement to date Mrs. C…

Radical Islam Defined Correctly by Dave Gaubatz

Radical Muslim Properly Defined

By: Dave Gaubatz

23 Nov 2015

Going back as far as 11 Sep 2001, I have been listening to media heads, politicians, and self proclaimed counter-terrorism experts worldwide explain to the masses what a Radical Muslim is and how they became radicalized. I have listened, analyzed, and self educated myself for over 2 decades on the issue of the terms radical and radicalized.

During my hundreds of visits to mosque in America, listening to Islamic scholars, Muslim worshippers and from studying the material provided to Muslims in a mosque I have for the best part of 2 decades that the terms radical and radicalized have been falsely defined by people who should know and who for decades have been leading innocent people astray of the true definitions.

I will not use several pages to discuss issues that do not relate to the terms radical and radicalized. The simpler written is the best for all to understand. If our media, politicians, and counter-terrorism prof…