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Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

By: Dave Gaubatz

22 Dec 2015

Why do politicians, media, The American Public, and senior law enforcement officials shy away from directly pointing out that the founder of Islam (Mohammed) was a child rapist? Muslims are not shy about pointing out the fact that Mohammed did marry a six year old child. How many child slaves and concubines did he have? Mohammed is the example of all Muslim men to follow. Not only did they follow his lead of raping children 1400 years ago, Muslims around the world continue to openly marrying girls as young as six. Muslim men also practice this sad act in America. Islam is for the world, not just Muslim dominated countries. There is no man made law that trumps Sharia law.

In the last few days Obama's follower Mrs. Clinton has accused Donald Trump of being a recruiter for ISIS because of recent statements Trump has made against Islam and Muslims. This is the most ignorant statement to date Mrs. Clinton has made. This truly shows her lack of understanding Islam, Muslims, ISIS, and Islamic based terrorism around the world.

Islamic terrorists hate the world, they hate each other, they hate Jews and Christians, they hate their own families, they hate themselves, and they hate Obama, Clinton, Trump, and you. They also hate me. Islamic terrorists based on the basic principles of hate and violence within Islam need only the Quran as a recruiting tool. For over 1400 years they have used the Quran as their method of recruiting men and women from all corners of the world to the violent ideology of Islam.

Contrary to what Mrs. Clinton and her Master (Obama) say about Trump and his words being used to recruit more Muslim terrorists, it is just the opposite. It is taught in Islamic books, manuals, and through their Islamic scholars that Islamic terrorists admire and respect the people who are strong, who speak their minds, and who are willing to fight them. They despise weaklings such as Obama, Clinton, and liberals.

Even if it were true, which it isn't, that Trump incites Muslims to join terrorists groups, so what? When did Americans become afraid to state facts and/or their opinions on any subject, regardless if it offends others, specifically Islamic terrorists and their supporters. If 20,000 new people join ISIS today it would not prevent America and Israel from wiping them from the face of the earth, if we had a President who loved America as much as he does Islamic terrorists. Instead of a couple thousand meaningless sorties dumping bombs on non strategic sites in Syria and Iraq during the last half dozen years, we should be dropping thousands per day on ISIS strategic sites.

I ask innocent people from around the world to question why they will not openly call Prophet Mohammed a child rapist, which by any definition prescribed to child rapists, he fits the bill 100%? Are you afraid of physical retribution, verbal, or are you afraid of others calling you an Islamaphobe? These are no reasons to not stand up and call Islam and Mohammed exactly what it is. Mohammed founded Islam based on satanic values and his ideology is a dangerous threat to children around the world. I for one will speak the truth because someone needs to stand up for non Muslims, America, and especially our children. Do not allow another child to become the victim of child rapists within Islam.


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