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Radical Islam Defined Correctly by Dave Gaubatz

Radical Muslim Properly Defined

By: Dave Gaubatz

23 Nov 2015

Going back as far as 11 Sep 2001, I have been listening to media heads, politicians, and self proclaimed counter-terrorism experts worldwide explain to the masses what a Radical Muslim is and how they became radicalized. I have listened, analyzed, and self educated myself for over 2 decades on the issue of the terms radical and radicalized.

During my hundreds of visits to mosque in America, listening to Islamic scholars, Muslim worshippers and from studying the material provided to Muslims in a mosque I have for the best part of 2 decades that the terms radical and radicalized have been falsely defined by people who should know and who for decades have been leading innocent people astray of the true definitions.

I will not use several pages to discuss issues that do not relate to the terms radical and radicalized. The simpler written is the best for all to understand. If our media, politicians, and counter-terrorism professionals are providing false information about these two very important terms, do we expect liberals to provide accurate definitions?

Ok, follow me with my basic definitions of radical and radicalized. If at the end you still do not fully understand then please contact me at and I will help clarify.

1. Radical Muslim: This term in describing a Muslim who kills innocent people, rapes and kills young girls, advocates the hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, straps on suicide vests and kill innocent people, carry out shootings and explosive attacks on people at civil and innocent events, advocates killing Christians worldwide, desires in their hearts an Islamic caliphate worldwide and have the law of the land be controlled by Sharia law, and who believes 100% that their Prophet Mohammed was a perfect human and a man to be put upon a pedestal as an example of good to all, are not Radical Muslims.

The people and their actions, beliefs, and followers of Mohammed 100% in their daily lives are not radical, they are just Muslims. These people are not being misguided by the true form of Islam, they know the actions and objectives they follow and advocate is exactly what the Quran teaches and what Prophet Mohammed advocated for them his entire life and beyond. These people are the perfect examples of a Muslim carrying out each and every aspect of Sharia law and never questioning the teachings of the Quran and Mohammed. These people have studied Islam for many years and are closer to Mohammed than any other people on earth. Some become 'Pure Muslims' at an early age and for some it takes longer. Few people will reach the utopia of Islam. possibly as low as 1 in a 1000 achieve this goal, but when they do they are the light of Islam and their numbers will be in the millions. They will flourish across all lands to form an Islamic caliphate under Sharia law.

A useful analogy: When a young boy dreams of becoming a professional major league baseball player, he knows it will take years of study and practice to elevate himself to the highest level of baseball. He will start in little league, make it to the junior high and high school levels and most people who love baseball and desire to make it to the major leagues seldom make it past high school. They have lost their love of the game and no longer want to spend their free time practicing the finer arts of baseball at a higher level.

There are a few who continue after high school and make it to a minor league program of baseball. Many linger here for years and do not have the desire, talent or willingness to make it to the highest level of baseball (Major League Baseball). You must answer a question now. Are the boys who after many years of self sacrifice and study who make it to the Major League Radical baseball players or are they boys and men who fully understand all aspects of baseball and can now play and teach others? These professional players know in their hearts and minds what real baseball is and they understand the rules and regulations by heart and are at a utopia place in their lives.

In order for the world to understand and defeat Islamic based terrorism we must come to terms with the facts that Islam, the Quran, Prophet Mohammed and Sharia law is not an ideology of peace and caring for humanity, but rather an ideology of hate and violence as the rules and regulations laid out by Mohammed were meant to be. Mohammed did not desire for Muslims and Islam to be associated with love, but instead advocated for the worldwide dominance of Islam and violence was to be used to achieve this goal.

Hopefully by now we are beginning to understand just because a person comes to a point in his or her life that they now understand completely and have a desire as Mohammed did to spread Islam through violence does not mean they are being radical. They are the 'Pure Muslims' of the world who have accepted the clear and apparent aspects of the evils of Islam and Mohammed and are willing to give their lives in order to spread evil across the world. Essentially Islam is a form of following Satan. Readers must get it out of their minds that Islam has anything to do with peace and that Mohammed was a peaceful man. Islam is aligned with Nazism and the leader of Nazis known as Hitler.

A Radicalized Muslim: Day after day we are forced to listen to the media, politicians, and counter-terrorism professionals describe to us how a person goes through various steps to become 'radicalized'. I consider their misunderstanding of Islam and Muslims to be a far greater national security threat than all Islamic based terrorists combined. These people who should have a better understanding of Islam are misleading the world when they say a person who just bombed innocent people for instance in Paris became radicalized. These Muslims did not become radicalized. They became 'Pure Muslims' because they have studied harder than their peers to understand and carry out the objectives of their Prophet Mohammed.

If my analysis of what a radical Muslim is or how the term radicalized is misleading, who are the millions of people who relate to Islam, but never make it to the Utopia level of fully understanding Islam and becoming 'Pure Muslims'? These people are the apostates of Islam. They do not fully accept Islam, Sharia law, or the total teachings and understand of Prophet Mohammed. These are people that 'Pure Muslims' are killing in large numbers around the world.

Mosques are the little league fields, high school fields, minor league fields and for some the path to the major leagues. The objectives of all Imams teaching at mosques is to get their followers to become 'Pure Muslims' by accepting the real truths of Islam and what Prophet Mohammed desired. Mosques are the breeding grounds for the practicing of pure evil by pure Muslims.


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