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No Muslim or Muslim Supporter As President

Absolutely No Muslim or Muslim Supporter For President

By: Dave Gaubatz

21 Sept 2015

Presidential runner Ben Carson is partially correct. He is correct in saying no Muslim should be the President of the United States. Not a whole lot more to be said about this, except to explain why. In accordance with Islam a Muslim cannot hold allegiance to any land, country, or government. CAIR and it's terrorists within know this to be true. This Islamic terrorist organization stationed near the White House sends pamphlets to U.S. school leaders informing them that Islamic students may wish to not stand for the U.S. flag or say the 'Pledge of Allegiance' because Islam advocates no allegiance to anything or anyone aside from Allah and Islam.

The President of the United States is also our military's Commander in Chief. The Islamic ideology is the number one threat to the world and America. America could never be secure from Islamic terrorism if a Muslim who holds allegiance to Islam is our military Commander. This should be common knowledge that one's enemy should not be the decision maker of the free world. Yes my friends, it is Islam that is the enemy of America, individual Muslims are one's who simply carry out the orders prescribed by Islam's founder Mohammed.

The Fallacy of the Moderate Muslim

In accordance with Islam there is only one type of Muslim. That is a Pure Muslim who adheres to all aspects of Shariah law and not a person who picks and chooses which one he or she wants to live by. A person who identifies with Islam by picking and choosing what parts of Islam he/she wants to adhere to is simply an apostate of Islam. So in short this means a true and pure Muslim as described by Islam's Prophet Mohammed advocates for the good and also the unacceptable aspects of Sharia. For instance a pure Muslim desires to pray five times a day (nothing wrong with that), but also advocates and adheres to child marriage or otherwise known as child rape (very serious problems with this). Remember the founder and the most loved person in Islam is their Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed could do no wrong and is the forever model of an Islamic man. Again this means pure Muslims follow a man who married six year old children and raped them at his whim. This man would be in prison today and be beaten to death by his fellow prisoners.

I encourage readers to review my prior article 'The Fallacy of the Moderate Muslim'. One will then understand there are no good Muslims. This is not to say there are not good people who associate with Islam, but these people are no more than apostates of Islam and are not Muslims as many people believe they are. One simply can't follow a child rapist and be a good person. No amount of placating by Obama, Clinton, or CAIR leaders will ever make a child rapist or their supporters a good person. Do you believe a child rapist or a person who gives money and support to a child rapist and their cause a good person? If you do you have no more allegiance to America and God than a pure Muslim does.

Carson was wrong to not include supporters of Islam an automatic disqualifier for the position of President. If you support Islam and publically say that Islam is a peaceful religion and has been hijacked by a few bad Muslims, you are not qualified to be America's President. This rules out about 12 of the 15 remaining republican candidates. This rules out every liberal in America. So who should be the next U.S. President?

The next President should meet the following requirements as a minimum:

1. Be born in America.

2. Have 100% allegiance to America and God.

3. Publically state Islam is evil and anyone who supports the Islamic ideology is an enemy of America.

4. Have a strong desire to destroy the Islamic ideology and it's branding as a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by a few.

5. Stop the immigration of any person who aligns with Islam as a Muslim or supporter of Islam.

6. Support Israel.

Will we end up with a person who is strong enough and vocal enough to describe Islam as the evil it is? No. Unfortunately we will end up with another politician who will bow to the Saudi government and to Islam worldwide. America will join the countries such as Germany, France, Norway and dozens of others who have tried being accommodating to Islam and Muslims. Essentially America will fall to the evils of Islam. Our only real hope is that Israel will come to our rescue.


  1. They forgot to add:
    7. All Muslims must swear by the Quaran/and by-their-Allah, that they will keep all the laws of the lands-in-which-they-live, (even-those-outside-the-Muslim-countries)!!! And if they don't, they shud b invited (-and made-) to leave
    the new-country in-which-they-now-live.


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