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Roanoke Virginia (Near VA Tech) is Home To ISIS & Their Media, LE, and Political Supporters

I was raised from a small child in Roanoke, VA, and after 2 plus decades of federal service I returned home. A couple of years ago I conducted firsthand research at a mosque in Roanoke, VA (Masjid Al Noor). At the time it was apparent this was a Salafist (DANGER!) mosque and the materials inside were predominately from Saudi Arabia. The usual materials were in this mosque: Sharia law adherence to include physical Jihad, child marriages, killing of Christians and Jews the world over, and how to use LE and the Media to their advantage to promote Sharia law and ultimately an Islamic Nation worldwide.

A couple of days ago a dear friend of mine (Adina) from Israel wrote an outstanding article about Roanoke and the cover-up of the attempted beheadings by a Muslim against two innocent people. Adina is my favorite writer because she is the perfect journalist. She simply writes the truth in an elegant way. Read her article. The local FBI field offices in the Roanoke are utterly useles…