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Research Against Islamic Terrorist Camps

The only way to expose Islamic based terrorist camps operating inside America is to expose their activities through first-hand research. I have done this for years, but it is costly. I request public assistance because the people and organizations (politicians, media, senior law enforcement) who should be doing this are not.

All Donations are appreciated and will be used exclusively for research directed toward Islamic based terrorist groups. Respectfully, Dave G.

Consent To Hate Islam & Pure Muslims

The title of this article is "Consent to Hate Islam & Pure Muslims". This is a very controversial tile and I ask all readers to read each line before concluding I am a hater, racist, or Islamaphobe. If you agree with my analysis of Islam and Muslims please make a comment. If you disagree I welcome the comments as well. In short people around the world have a justifiable right to hate all of Islam and in addition to hate all Pure Muslims.

During my years of writing articles and conducting firsthand research I have always used the following definition of a Muslim. "A Muslim is a person who follows Islam and all aspects of Sharia law. If a person who defines theirselves as a Muslim and rejects even one aspect of Sharia law, this person in accordance with Islam itself is an 'Apostate of Islam'. They are not Muslims". This being said a 'Pure Muslim' and not the millions of people who identify with Islam but reject Sharia law are dangerous, vi…