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Consent To Hate Islam & Pure Muslims

The title of this article is "Consent to Hate Islam & Pure Muslims". This is a very controversial tile and I ask all readers to read each line before concluding I am a hater, racist, or Islamaphobe. If you agree with my analysis of Islam and Muslims please make a comment. If you disagree I welcome the comments as well. In short people around the world have a justifiable right to hate all of Islam and in addition to hate all Pure Muslims.

During my years of writing articles and conducting firsthand research I have always used the following definition of a Muslim. "A Muslim is a person who follows Islam and all aspects of Sharia law. If a person who defines theirselves as a Muslim and rejects even one aspect of Sharia law, this person in accordance with Islam itself is an 'Apostate of Islam'. They are not Muslims". This being said a 'Pure Muslim' and not the millions of people who identify with Islam but reject Sharia law are dangerous, violent, hate Jews and Christians, hate homosexuals, demean women, approve of the raping of a child as Mohammed did, and desire a world dominated by Islam and Sharia law are bad, bad, people. The people who give their approval of the above have no reason to expect love from the people who do not condone the rape of children, hatred of Jews and Christians, etc... The Pure Muslims should expect no right to live and work in America.

I have been to over 275 mosques in America, and more throughout the Middle East. My research has indicated that about 1/4 of the people attending mosques are 'Pure Muslims'. This equates to a couple of million Muslims in America who desire to kill your childen and mine. Although I consider myself a Christian, I do not love anyone who wants to hurt America, Isreal, and our children. I leave it to GOD to love 'Pure Muslims', but as a mortal I can not do so.

People around the world must come to realize the Islamic ideology has no place in this world. It must be destroyed by branding it as evil and an ideology formed by Satan himself. I am far from being a Christian scholar, but I find it hard to believe that any ideology that condones the rape of a six year old girl (as Mohammed did) is something the GOD of Christians and Jews desires. My definition of GOD is one who loves all good people and especially our children. Our GOD does not want a child to be harmed by any person or approved by any ideology.

The recent terroist attack against Pamella Geller in Texas was an attack against America, Israel, and all non believers of Islam. We will see many more of these attacks as I predicted for many years. The attacks will become more violent and will be directed at our children. We will see innocent children killed, kidnapped as sex slaves, and an overall attempt to make the parents of children suffer tremendously. It is not pleasant to address these violent activites, but if I do not, who will?

I recall as a child wondering how the world could stand by and allow six million (during WWII) plus innocent Jews to die in the most sadistic ways imaginable. I now wonder why people around the world allow Islam to flouish and allow Pure Muslims who kill millions to live as free citizens.

It is now time for Americans, Israelis, and all good people to stand strong and destroy Islam and the people who desire to destroy us. If the world does not come together we will indeed lose our freedoms, our country, and most importantly our children. My health is declining and it is harder to write articles and conduct firsthand research at mosques around America, but until my last breath I will fight for our children and country.

In America we have a president who hates America, the U.S. Constitution, and anyone who does not approve of the Islamic ideology. Obama is not a good person and our current political, Christian, and Jewsih leaders must demand his resignation. Few people will step up and identify Obama as a Muslim. I do. For decades I was appointed by the U.S. government to investigate and analyze people and organizations who are a threat to America. My analysis and identifying people and organizations who want to destroy America was accepted by all levels of our government. My reports were classified at the Secret and Top Secret levels. I do not expect our current politicans to protect America. The protection of America is up to our city, county, and state law enforcement agencies, and our military Generals to denounce Obama and his crew as a threat to U.S. National Security.

In conclusion I hope all will come to hate Islam and Pure Muslims. I talk with hundreds of people and get thousands of emails from people who also hate Islam and it's followers. The majority agree with my analysis, but the majority our scared to come forward and be as harsh against Islam and Pure Muslims as I do. You must come forward and express this view publically despite the threats by Islamic terrorists and their supporters. Your failure to do so will condemn our children to future violence in the name of Islam. Dave Gaubatz, 1st U.S. civilian Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003, and the author of 'Muslim Mafia'.


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