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Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

Prophet Mohammed: Satan's Muslim Child Rapist

By: Dave Gaubatz

22 Dec 2015

Why do politicians, media, The American Public, and senior law enforcement officials shy away from directly pointing out that the founder of Islam (Mohammed) was a child rapist? Muslims are not shy about pointing out the fact that Mohammed did marry a six year old child. How many child slaves and concubines did he have? Mohammed is the example of all Muslim men to follow. Not only did they follow his lead of raping children 1400 years ago, Muslims around the world continue to openly marrying girls as young as six. Muslim men also practice this sad act in America. Islam is for the world, not just Muslim dominated countries. There is no man made law that trumps Sharia law.

In the last few days Obama's follower Mrs. Clinton has accused Donald Trump of being a recruiter for ISIS because of recent statements Trump has made against Islam and Muslims. This is the most ignorant statement to date Mrs. C…

Radical Islam Defined Correctly by Dave Gaubatz

Radical Muslim Properly Defined

By: Dave Gaubatz

23 Nov 2015

Going back as far as 11 Sep 2001, I have been listening to media heads, politicians, and self proclaimed counter-terrorism experts worldwide explain to the masses what a Radical Muslim is and how they became radicalized. I have listened, analyzed, and self educated myself for over 2 decades on the issue of the terms radical and radicalized.

During my hundreds of visits to mosque in America, listening to Islamic scholars, Muslim worshippers and from studying the material provided to Muslims in a mosque I have for the best part of 2 decades that the terms radical and radicalized have been falsely defined by people who should know and who for decades have been leading innocent people astray of the true definitions.

I will not use several pages to discuss issues that do not relate to the terms radical and radicalized. The simpler written is the best for all to understand. If our media, politicians, and counter-terrorism prof…

No Muslim or Muslim Supporter As President

Absolutely No Muslim or Muslim Supporter For President

By: Dave Gaubatz

21 Sept 2015

Presidential runner Ben Carson is partially correct. He is correct in saying no Muslim should be the President of the United States. Not a whole lot more to be said about this, except to explain why. In accordance with Islam a Muslim cannot hold allegiance to any land, country, or government. CAIR and it's terrorists within know this to be true. This Islamic terrorist organization stationed near the White House sends pamphlets to U.S. school leaders informing them that Islamic students may wish to not stand for the U.S. flag or say the 'Pledge of Allegiance' because Islam advocates no allegiance to anything or anyone aside from Allah and Islam.

The President of the United States is also our military's Commander in Chief. The Islamic ideology is the number one threat to the world and America. America could never be secure from Islamic terrorism if a Muslim who holds allegiance to…

Pending Civil War in America

While a U.S. Federal Agent it was my responsibility to gather all evidence on a particular issue pertaining to the security of the U.S. government. Then I analyzed each and every piece so I could determine if an issue was a security threat to America and more importantly determine methods to minimize the threat.

Over the last ten years I have analyzed hundreds of pieces of individual data related to a possible civil war in America. It is my thought that within the next 2 -4 years Americans will be activley fighting one another. There will be millions on the left who want the federal government to control virtually all aspects of a persons life, and there will be millions on the right who will stand up and fight for the U.S. Constituion to be the law of the land. The right will not allow freedom of speech or the owning of firearms to be taken from them.

As during the civil war in the 1860's, it will be brother against brother and father against sons and daughter. This civil wa…

Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump

We all know Nancy Pelosi is a whiny, child acting, and a bully. Megyn Kelly now in my book ranks right beside Pelosi. I had always respected Kelly for the professional manner she discussed current news and major world events. Her behavior during the debate and personal attack on Donald Trump was childish and she has now proved she is no better than O'Reilly in his bully tactic styled media reporting.

Kelly has now got herself plugged into the political equation of possibly who the next President of the United States will be. This is wrong, just as it is equally wrong regarding the manner MSNBC, ABC, and NBC conduct their reporting. We expect this from MSNBC, but not Fox News.

My approval rating for Fox is now almost as equal to that of CNN. I encourage Americans to boycott Kelly and switch to CNN during her show time. Dave Gaubatz

Research Inside America's Mosques

If you want to assist Dave in conducting firsthand research inside America's "Most Dangerous Mosques" please contact him at or 804-836-4675 The research is expensive. If you can provide accommodations, travel expenses, use of a vehicle, or desire to become a sponsor of Dave please email or call him. All results of the research will be provided to the public immediately after the mosque visit.

Obama is leading this country into an almost certain civil war. Whose side are you on? Dave G.

The Demise of America

The Demise of America

3 July 2015

By: Dave Gaubatz

It has been several months since I have written any counterterrorism articles. During this period I have been to several mosques and conducted individual research studies. I cannot stress enough that America is in serious trouble.

All across our beautiful country we are surrounded by the enemy which is Islam. Where is Islam practiced by the most faithful of Muslims? In mosques. There are over 2300 strategically placed mosques covering all areas of America.

Unlike many counterterrorism experts, I see the Islamic ideology as a whole as the number one enemy of America. There are no moderate Muslims. One is either a practicing Muslim in it’s entirety and follows Sharia law 100 percent, or the person who calls himself or herself a moderate Muslim who doesn’t believe in all aspects of Sharia law, is an apostate and enemy of Islam. Islam does not allow a person to be a half practicing Muslim,

Based on my years of research inside mosques acr…

Research Against Islamic Terrorist Camps

The only way to expose Islamic based terrorist camps operating inside America is to expose their activities through first-hand research. I have done this for years, but it is costly. I request public assistance because the people and organizations (politicians, media, senior law enforcement) who should be doing this are not.

All Donations are appreciated and will be used exclusively for research directed toward Islamic based terrorist groups. Respectfully, Dave G.

Consent To Hate Islam & Pure Muslims

The title of this article is "Consent to Hate Islam & Pure Muslims". This is a very controversial tile and I ask all readers to read each line before concluding I am a hater, racist, or Islamaphobe. If you agree with my analysis of Islam and Muslims please make a comment. If you disagree I welcome the comments as well. In short people around the world have a justifiable right to hate all of Islam and in addition to hate all Pure Muslims.

During my years of writing articles and conducting firsthand research I have always used the following definition of a Muslim. "A Muslim is a person who follows Islam and all aspects of Sharia law. If a person who defines theirselves as a Muslim and rejects even one aspect of Sharia law, this person in accordance with Islam itself is an 'Apostate of Islam'. They are not Muslims". This being said a 'Pure Muslim' and not the millions of people who identify with Islam but reject Sharia law are dangerous, vi…

The One & Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism

The One & Only Way To Defeat Islamic Based Terrorism
By: Dave Gaubatz
13 April 2015

Think of the following word for 1 second only and then give a one word description of the thought that enters your mind:
1. Nazi
Now for the second word:
2. Hitler
Now for the third word:
3. Timothy McVeigh (OKC Bomber)
Now for the fourth word/s:
4. Child Rapist
Now for the fifth and final word:
5. Islam

I have given this little test to several people over the last few years. The vast majority of people respond with a very negative description for the words Nazi, Hitler, Timothy McVeigh, and Child Rapist.

The response is quiet different when they describe with one word Islam. 10 years ago when I first began giving this test when people were told to describe with one word a description of Islam the typical responses were: Misunderstood, Religion, Mohammed, Middle East, and Shariah. The responses of people who have taken the test in the…

Racist/Violent Songs Wrong on Both Sides

The white students at the University of Oklahoma were wrong to sing a racist and violent song. 100% wrong. It is also 100% wrong for black students across America and in U.S. colleges to sing and play songs calling for killing U.S. police officers and violent attacks on women. When the white intoxicated kids do it they are on the front page of every media outlet in America. When blacks do it they are given a pat on the back and the world is told this is their artistic freedom and allowed by the 1st Amendment.

I have no doubts the University of Oklahoma has numerous black students who play these racist and violent songs loudly in their multi-speaker cars and in their dorm rooms for the whole building to thump. Parents of the white OKU should be protesting and screaming at the top of their voices about the hypocrisy between white racist songs and black racist songs.

Even if they do scream there is no one who will support them because Americans have been brainwashed by the racist bl…

FBI Recruits Future Agents From U.S. Terrorist Supporting Mosques

FBI Recruits From Within U.S. Terrorist linked Mosques
By: Dave Gaubatz
8 Mar 2015

If you want to become an FBI Federal Agent how do you start the process? If you are a Christian or Jew law abiding American citizen you have a very long process. If you support Islamic based terrorism and attend a violent mosque in norther Virginia, the FBI will send out a notice to you advising you that the FBI positions are open and the links to apply.

The ADAMS Center is one of the largest Islamic Centers in America and is ran by some former CAIR executives. I have conducted firt-hand research in this Center several times. It has one of the best libraries a Mujahadeen or potential Muslim terrorist could ask for. The material inside this Center was produced some of the world's most productive Muslim terrorists.

Often I am contacted by concerned citizens about Islamic terrorist activity in their areas. They inform me that they went to the FBI to report their information, but their concerns we…

Criminal Activities in America

Criminal activity is out of control in America. The majority of large dollar crime is happening between the people we elected. 99% are never investigated and 99% never go to court. I request people to send me allegations of criminal activity by senior U.S. personnel. I will run the case to the ground and if the person is guilty we will pursue the matter until that person is cuffed up. Dave g.

U.S. Law Enforcement Selling Weapons To Islamic Terrorists

I currently have significant leads about two high priority counter-terrorism cases I am working. The results will be reported to the public once my clients are satisfied with my results. I am asking all Americans to report to me via email if they have information on any of the following"\:

1. Senior law enforcement selling firearms to Islamic terrorists

2. Any Evidence of criminality of the NSA

3. Any evidence being committed by the FBI

4. Any wrongdoing of any elected officials (supporting documents requested)

5. Any known or suspected information about the FBI having meetings with CAIR

If you are not sure, please send. I will evaluate each piece of evidence submitted. Dave Gaubatz

Allah's Muslim Terrorist Job Openings in America

Allah's Muslim Terrorist Job Openings
By: Dave Gaubatz
23 Feb 2015

Letter From CAIR National Communications Director Dougie Hooper to Mujahadeen in America
23 Feb 2015

Praise be to Allah and to all the mujahadeen around the world. My fellow Islamic terrorists. As you know we have Islamic based organizations around the world. Our leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has decided that all Islamic based terrorist groups and their followers immediately begin using the name Allah's Muslim Terrorists (AMT). This will eliminate confusion among the mujahadeen. Many have wrote CAIR and have stated they do not know which Islamic group to follow. Our answer is to follow AMT and we will eliminate the other names for the mujahadeen groups.

You realize CAIR (now named AMT National HQ) is the organizational group of Islamic terrorists and supporters responsible for directing operations within America. It has been our duty since June 1994 to provide communication and strategies to our AMT friend…

American Shopping Malls Under Attack

Previously I have written about the real possibility of Allah's Muslim Terrorists (AMT) attacking large crowds of Americans at a shopping mall. Apparently the Mall of America in Minnesota has received direct threats of bombing this large mall. Mall of America threats must be taken seriously and with the clowns in Washington DC this will likely be turned into a circus affair.

It will likely occur sooner than later. 2015 is going to be an awful year for many Americans. The fight will return to America and we have an active Sunni Muslim (Obama) leading our country. This is not encouraging. Obama is surrounded by defenders of Islam.

I encourage Americans to be prepared for the upcoming battle against AMT's. You must have a sufficient amount of food, water, secure shelter and your legally obtained firearms and ammunition. Your firearms will be taken away from you because most law enforcement look at them as evil (unless they have them) and ordinary citizens should not hav…

The Fallacy of the Innocent Muslim


Criminalize Islam and Sharia law!

The Fallacy of the Innocent Muslim
By: Dave Gaubatz
18 Feb 2015

There is no nice or politically correct way to write this article without offending Muslims, the media, liberals, Allah's Muslim Terrorist, people who skim the article instead of reading it completely line by line, or our Sunni Muslim President Obama.

To put it as polite as humanly possible there are no innocent Muslims. Continue reading before you judge. Many readers are saying to themselves that they know good Muslims they work with, have as neighbors, or have met
at school. If they are indeed good people then they are not Pure Muslims.

Islam does not allow anyone to be a good person. Meaning, if you follow Islam as the pseudo Prophet Mohammed intended, you must have in your heart everything he demanded and represented. You must adhere to ALL aspects of Sharia law, goo…

Save The Children (paste in your browser)

All children are innocent. Help me help them. Dave Gaubatz

The Truth About Islam

Below are 10 things you must know about Islam in order to defeat the enemy:

1. First you must realize the Islamic ideology of Islam is dangerous, evil, and poses a grave threat to the entire world.
2. There is no such thing as radical Islam. You should refer to the Islamic terrorists and their supporters as Pure Muslims. They are acting in accordance with their pseudo Prophet Mohammed.
3. Islam only has practicing Muslims and non practicing people. A Practicing Muslim is one who adheres to all aspects of Sharia law as Islam mandates. A non practicing person is a person who aligns with Islam in some areas of Sharia, but ignore the violent aspects. These people are not moderates. They are apostates of Islam.
4. When Muslims chant the phrase 'there is no God but our God', they mean Allah is not the God of Christians and Jews.
5. The pseudo Prophet Mohammed is the elite example to the Muslim people. This is why they copy him. They conduct violent Jihad, have slavery …

We Can Destroy ISIS in 5 Days

I was in Iraq at the start of the war in 2003. Our troops were engaged in fighting 100's of thousands of Saddam forces, unlike the small number of 35,000 ISIL members occupying northern Iraq and Syria. We destroyed Saddam within a few days.

Below is my suggestion on how to destroy ISIL within 5 days and use no U.S. or foreign troops. I mean not in the air or on the ground with active duty military! In America alone we could get 200,000 volunteers being issued M-16's and 9mm pistols.

The volunteers would come from former U.S. military, American Patriots from all walks of life, and we could offer time served for non violent people who are incarcerated in U.S. prisons, if they volunteer to deploy. In addition we would have no rules of engagement and we must put a leader in Iraq with similar the same character as Saddam. I have come to the reality that the only way to control Islamic countries is with a brutal dictator. Fear is all they know. Sorry if this offends some. …

The Fallacy of the Moderate Muslim

The Fallacy of the “Moderate Muslim”
By: DAVE GAUBATZ September 20, 2010

There have been, and will continue to be, debates on the authenticity of ‘who and what are moderate Muslims’? I could spend two years giving my personal opinion and it would mean as much as Bill O’Reilly giving his opinion of the next Super Bowl Game. The point being there are no experts pertaining to the Islamic based ideology. During my years of first-hand research I have obtained thousands of materials from Islamic Centers/Mosques, interviewed hundreds of Islamic scholars and Imams. The evidence I provide in this article is based on their information and not my opinion. In accordance with Sharia law a Muslim is either 100% Sharia compliant or they are not. If they do not accept all aspects of Sharia law they are considered Apostates. This eliminates the term ‘Moderate Muslim’. This term is man-made and in reality has no meaning or existence. In other words a ‘Moderate Muslim’ is simply a non practicing Muslim…

Sleeper Cells in America

Sleeper Cells in the USA
by DAVE GAUBATZ January 26, 2011

I originally wrote this article in 2007. Now in 2015, the sleeper cell problem has multiplied. Dave g.

There is every reason to suspect that we will endure suicide missions by Islamist sleeper cells. They are already in place. They are waiting for the right time. I know this from experience.

I have worked over 15 years as a U.S. Federal Agent, a U.S. State Department Arabic linguist, and the first civilian Federal Agent deployed into Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Since returning from Iraq I have been involved in terrorism analysis, specifically the mindset of terrorists. During my extensive research on sleeper cells I have talked with hundreds of people from the Middle East from all walks of life, and have talked with Iraqi Government officials, Iraqi military and Iraqi police officers. In addition I have interviewed numerous counter-terrorism specialists in the U.S. and abroad. In 2006 I trained ov…

Child Marriages in Islam and in America

Child Marriages in Islam-In America
by DAVE GAUBATZ June 18, 2013

Child marriages are very common in the peaceful ideology of Islam. I say peaceful in jest. The marriage of children as young as 6 years old to old peaceful Muslim men happens everyday in the Islamic world, especially in Saudi Arabia (home of Mecca), Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc... and yes in America.

During my firsthand research all across America it was sadly revealed not only are child marriages advocated by Islamic leaders, it is being conducted. There are young girls under nine being given to much older Muslim men. There is no nice way to put this. The innocent girls are raped and abused by their peaceful and non violent Muslim protectors.

Should any less be expected from Islam? No. The leader and founder of Islam was a self described Prophet who went by the name of Mohammed. Mohammed was a rapist and pedophile. He married Aishah when she was six years old and raped her when she was nine. Many Islamic scholars sugges…

Jordan: Why Fire?

Why did ISIS resort to burning a man alive? Keep in mind Islamic terrorist groups have murdered, raped, and tortured innocent children in the name of Islam. The burning of a man is really not news. These people are evil. In Islam the torture and killing by fire is prohibited unless.... Death by burning a person alive is halal (legal) if the punishment is sanctioned by Allah. ISIS is trying to show how close they are to Allah. They want the Muslim world to know they have established an Islamic caliphate and Allah is directly communicating with them.

Do not believe even for a second that the Muslim population in Jordan are on the side of America. They are not. The only reason there are demonstrations against ISIS is because the victim was a Muslim from their country. There were no demonstrations when Americans and others were murdered by ISIS. Islam is at war with the non Muslim world and we must understand our enemy is Islam. We must strike at the ideology itself and stop p…

Black & Arab Relationship

In the times of Mohammed, there were thousands upon thousands of black slaves owned by Muslims in Saudi Arabia. In 2014, there are approximately 450,000 slaves bought and sold by Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Many of the slaves are black Muslims, and their masters are Arab Muslims. In 2014, Sudan flourishes richly in the sale and purchase of slaves, both Muslim and non Muslim.

The evidence I use for this article comes from my firsthand discussions with Islamic leaders, Islamic material, and Muslims who practice Islam the way Mohammed intended.

When I was in Saudi Arabia in 2003, I had the opportunity to talk with many Arab Muslims. I heard one describe our (U.S.) black military members as 'N------'. The use of the 'N' word by Arab Muslims stunned me. After several months in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the 'N' word was a common and routine way Arab Muslims described black people, regardless if they were Muslim, non Muslim, or from any part of the world.

I began to a…

New Islamic Terrorist Group (AMT)

29 Jan 2015

Criminalize Islam and Sharia law!

The New Islamic Terrorist Group (AMT)
By: Dave Gaubatz
29 Jan 2015

One lie after another comes out of the mouths of Obama and his staff. The big rift now is their trying to identify the Taliban as a non terrorist organization. It doesn't seem to matter that they have murdered thousands of men, women, and children. Many were butchered by these animals.

It is important to understand there is only one terrorist Islamic group who kills in the name of Islam. This group I name is 'Allah's Muslim Terrorists or AMT'.

I use the following analogy: In America we have 32 football teams that fall under the NFL. To understand pro football you do not need to analyze the internal workings, names of players, or their coaches. Each of the 32 teams have one objective. They desire to win each game (battle) and to achieve the ultima…

Taliban & Al Qaeda are one in the same

One lie after another comes out of the mouths of Obama and his staff. The big rift now is their trying to identify the Taliban as a non terrorist organization. It doesn't seem to matter that they have murdered thousands of men, women, and children. Many were butchered by these animals.

It is important to understand there is only one terrorist Islamic group who kills in the name of Islam. This group I call 'Allah's Muslim Terrorists or AMT. AMT includes 'all' Muslims who commit Jihad activities, the people who provide material support to them, and the Muslims who adhere to Sharia law. Even if a Muslim has in his heart the love and support for the mujahadeen, he/she is a member of AMT.

Do not let the various names such as ISIS. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, CAIR, ISNA, Hamas, and many others confuse you. They all have one objective: Form an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Sharia law.