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New Islamic Terrorist Group (AMT)

29 Jan 2015

Criminalize Islam and Sharia law!

The New Islamic Terrorist Group (AMT)
By: Dave Gaubatz
29 Jan 2015

One lie after another comes out of the mouths of Obama and his staff. The big rift now is their trying to identify the Taliban as a non terrorist organization. It doesn't seem to matter that they have murdered thousands of men, women, and children. Many were butchered by these animals.

It is important to understand there is only one terrorist Islamic group who kills in the name of Islam. This group I name is 'Allah's Muslim Terrorists or AMT'.

I use the following analogy: In America we have 32 football teams that fall under the NFL. To understand pro football you do not need to analyze the internal workings, names of players, or their coaches. Each of the 32 teams have one objective. They desire to win each game (battle) and to achieve the ultimate prize, the Super Bowl (war). The dozens of Islamic terrorist groups work in the same manner. Within each group they have players, their quarterbacks, and coaches. They don't necessarily like one another, but they are all fighting to form an Islamic caliphate.

AMT includes 'all' Muslims who commit Jihad activities, the people who provide material support to them, and the Muslims who adhere to Sharia law. Even if a Muslim has in his heart the love and support for the mujahadeen, he/she is a member of AMT.

Do not let the various names such as ISIS. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, CAIR, ISNA, Hamas, and many others confuse you. They all have one objective: Form an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Sharia law.

We should spread the name of the AMT terrorist group. Allah's Muslim Terrorists is a more designed and accurate description of the people worldwide who work toward an Islamic caliphate.
This definition would include the hundreds of thousands of Muslims around thew world and in America that clap, sing, burn the American and Israeli flags, and any Muslim in America who does not pledge his allegiance to America and the U.S. Constitution.

Using the name AMT to describe Muslims who have a desire to establish an Islamic caliphate worldwide and under Sharia law will hasten innocent people worldwide to know who the enemy is. AMT will help fine tune the branding of the Islamic ideology as the #1 threat to our world.


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