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What mosques did these terrorists attend? Have the mosque in Alabama been researched by U.S. authorities? If you want Dave G. to conduct firsthand research in Alabama to determine what is being taught in the mosques then be a sponsor...

Dave Gaubatz
The bed in the picture is one of which I took in early 2003 when we entered Nasiriyah, Iraq. This is the bed Pvt. Jessica Lynch had in the Saddam Hospital. Jessica had been beaten and sexually assaulted by her captors. The true story about Jessica will come out someday when she does not have to fear her own government. Jessica is a hero. Notice the window in Jessica's room. She was put in this particular room for one purpose. She was made to look out this window which faced the soccer field. She had to watch the beheading's of her fellow troops.

The other picture is Saddam Hospital. Several members of the 507th Maintenance Squadron were murdered upon their capture and buried on the soccer field in front of the hospital. Our troops were buried on the soccer field (after being beheaded)so Iraqi children would run over their graves. Remember to be slapped or hit with a shoe or foot is a means by which Muslims show disrespect to their enemies. Remember when an Iraqi th…
"A Radical Muslim' is a 'Practicing Muslim', a 'Moderate Muslim' is a 'non Practicing Muslim' or otherwise known as an Apostate of Islam" Dave Gaubatz

Jihad Manuals in your Local Mosques

Go to Dave G Ebay Store to purchase this manual and others about Islamic issues $15.00 includes shipping. You can also go to the Paypal Donate link to the right.

Dr. Abdullah Azzam was a terrorist who studied and fought with Osama Bin Laden. I encourage you to read this manual and provide copies to your law enforcement and politicians. Demand they remove the 501 Non Profit Status of mosques that carry this type material and it's equivalent. America must'Criminalize' such material that advocates the murder of innocent people worldwide. Dave Gaubatz


"Therefore it is incumbent upon every Muslim today, capable of carrying a weapon, to march forward to Jihad to aid their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and in every place in need, even though his parents do not permit it, until sufficient forces are attained and Allah knows best"

"If only the Muslims would apply their Lord's command and implement the laws of their…

Be Cautious of Self Proclaimed CT Experts

There are many good people inside America attempting to educate the American public about Islamic based terrorist issues. I have written various articles about the terms 'radical Islam, moderates, and Islam being hijacked'. If the CT expert you are using to try and self educate yourself about Islamic matters uses any of these terms, they are not qualified to educate Americans. There is no such thing as 'radical Islam'. Islam is Islam today as it was 1400 years ago. you have 'Pure Islam' and nothing more. There are practicing Muslims and non practicing people who identify with Islam, some people call them moderates. A moderate in Islam is simply an Apostate of Islam. No one has hijacked Islam. Islam was dangerous and full of hatred 1400 years ago and in 2013 it remains the same. Dave G.

Muslim Children Know the Truth & Dangers of Islam

I encourage all to read the book pertaining to the horrors she (Malala) endured from the Taliban last year. Being a young teenager living in Pakistan she wanted girls to be provided the same opportunities for education as Muslim boys. Of course within Islam and Sharia law this is Haram (not legal).

For her civil actions she was shot by the Taliban, but survived. I have always said all children are innocent regardless of religion. This young girl fully understood what Islam is all about. She knew the risks, and yet this brave girl stood up when millions of adult Muslim men and women will not.

The book was released in Pakistan, but booksellers are reluctant to sell the book in their stores. Why? Because the Taliban has threatened to blow stores and people up if they support this young girls efforts.

Many of you know that the Muslim Brotherhood organization (CAIR) in America is suing me because they want my book off of the shelves of bookstores. The OIC (Organization Islamic Com…

Jihad in Islam DVD

I highly suggest this DVD by Zaid Shakir. Shakir is an Islamic scholar who is respected by Sunni worshipers the world over, but most importantly in America. Shakir has said shooting down an aircraft filled with members of the 82nd Airborne is justifiable Jihad.

This is a great DVD to show at your group meetings, for self study, or to provide to your local law enforcement so they will better understand 'Pure Islam' and the dangers it can cause for America.

Cost $12.00 for one, or if you want more to share, the cost is $30.00 for three. No shipping costs.

Use the Paypal link a couple of blogs down, or the one on the right side of the screen.

Vets and Obama

National security professionals have said for years that Obama will do everything in his power to destroy our beautiful country. Obama is doing a great job currently in hurting America's future. Vets are suffering all across America due to Obama's hate for America. Obama cares for no American Patriot. He sees America as the great Satan. Obama will support Islamic based countries and Sharia law before he will America.

Can America hold up another 3 years. Now is the time for our Vets to stand up and demand Obama be impeached.

First-hand Research

In order to continue first-hand research I need assistance. The cost of travel is very expensive and anything you can assist with is very important. Dave Gaubatz

You Must Know The Enemy in Order To Defeat The Enemy

By: Dave Gaubatz

6 Oct 2013

There has never been a war won by any government or organization unless you are aware of who your enemy is. America is on pace to lose the war with Islam because our country and it's leaders will not acknowledge who our enemy is.

Our current leaders both military and political believe we are fighting terrorist organizations who have hijacked the so called peaceful Islam. By continuing with this naive way of thinking we are putting the national security of our country at risk, and more importantly we are putting our children's future at risk.

Americans must first begin to realize that the Islamic ideology is not peaceful, never was, and never will be and it has not been hijacked by Islamic based terrorist groups.

The Islamic based terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc... are practicing 'Pure Islam'. They conduct their hate filled and violent lives as their Prophet M…

U.S. Food Stamp Program

Many people are complaining that the Food Stamp program is being cut back and hurting many people who need food. There are Americans who are hungry, and the majority are the innocent children. They are going hungry largely due to irresponsible parents. The Food Stamp program was established to help those who are truly needy. I would daresay the largest percentage of adults on Food Stamps also smoke tobacco and drink alcohol. Not all, but a large percentage. Why should taxpayers give adults $200.00 in monthly food stamps while they spend $250.00 on cigarretes and alcohol? If one has money to smoke and drink, then we should not be paying for their habits. The U.S. government could save millions of dollars in the food stamp program if they had people sign statements at the beginning that if they buy tobacco or alcohol products they forfeit their food stamps. Then if there is any evidence they did buy tobacco or alcohol they should be prosecuted for filing a fraudulent statement t…

The Shutdown of our Government

Many people are frightened right now about the prospect of the U.S. government shutting down. I say let's go for it. There is not one federal government program that is effective. The USPS is bankrupt and we are trillions of dollars in debt, mostly to China. About this point many will be saying we need our military. We need a military, but not the current one which is being led by liberals and has been since after WWII.

Our military has lost every war since WWII. We did not win in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, or Afghanistan. It is one thing to have the best troops, best equipment, and best war machinery, but if you have leaders with a liberal mindset they will lose every time.

The best thing that could happen is if this government shuts down for good and the states begin to fend for themselves as the Constitution originally dictated. All current Congressmen, Senators, and of course our lame President should leave office immediately after the government is shutdown. Never to return…
"The Truth about the Security of our Military Installations
By: Dave Gaubatz
20 Sept 2013

Due to the recent tragic events at the Navy Yard in DC, our nation's leaders are in knee-jerk mode. Politicians, military leaders and law enforcement personnel are trying to put a bandage on a problem that needs major surgery to cure. Once again Americans are being led down a road after a tragic event into believing our leaders are fixing the problems that resulted in 12 innocent deaths at the Navy Yard. Naïve Americans want security but instead they are being provided a false sense of security.

For 24 plus years I worked on dozens of U.S. military bases around the globe. I was an AFOSI Special Agent. My clearance (Top Secret/SCI and above) was the highest that our government gives. A major part of my job was to develop programs that would secure our bases from violence and from national security technology from being stolen.

There are literally millions of Americans and foreigners who h…

Mosques in America

There are approximately 2300 mosques/Islamic Centers in America. About 90% of these are Sunni and the remainder Shiite. 75 plus% of the mosques are distributing and/or advocating hatred and violence against Israel and America. They are teaching their children to distrust and hate America. Due to this our country will see more Ft. Hood type attacks.....and it will be much sooner than it is later.

The only way to eliminate or come very close to eliminating Islamic based terrorism in America is to shut down all of the mosques/Islamic Centers and the dozen of acronymns such as CAIR and ISNA. The mosques are used as safe houses and storage facilities for illegal activity. Dave Gaubatz

Who Is The DC Navy Yard Killer? Was he Muslim, Christian, Jewish?

Americans want to know who Aaron Alexis was. That is a fact and every media organization knows that. The media does an outstanding job of finding out every detail about a person when something like this happens (a sad and tragic murder of innocent people). There is one question millions of Americans want to know and the media is intentionally ignoring this question.

I ask readers to be honest with themselves. When the murders began at the Navy Yard did you not start thinking of Ft. Hood? Of course we did. Did we not start asking ourselves if this is a terrorism event in the name of Islam? Of course we did. Has the media even mentioned what religion Aaron Alexis was? Of course not. Do they know? Of course they do.

From AP: U.S. law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that there was no known connection to terrorism and that investigators have found no manifesto or other writings suggesting a political or religious motive.

I am not suggesting Aaron Alexis was a Musli…

Islam Then and Now

People must begin to realize the Islamic ideology is based on hate, distrust, violence, and continual fighting. The Muslim people have been fighting non Muslims and amongst themselves for 1400 years, and it will never change. We need to stay out of the Middle East. Dave G.

Child Bride in Yemin Dies From Internal Bleeding on Her Wedding Night: She was 8 years old

The Prophet Mohammed married a 6 year old child (Aisha) and Muslim men around the world (to include America) simply follow his example (SAD): Dave Gaubatz

SANAA (Reuters) - An eight-year-old Yemeni girl died of internal bleeding on her wedding night after marrying a man five times her age, a social activist and two local residents said, in a case that has caused an outcry in the media and revived debate about child brides.

Arwa Othman, head of Yemen House of Folklore and a leading rights campaigner, said the girl, identified only as Rawan, was married to a 40-year-old man late last week in the town of Meedi in Hajjah province in northwestern Yemen.

"On the wedding night and after intercourse, she suffered from bleeding and uterine rupture which caused her death," Othman told Reuters. "They took her to a clinic but the medics couldn't save her life."

Othman said authorities had not taken any action against the girl's family or her husband.

A local security …

11 Minute Audio Lecture by Dave Gaubatz

This is a 11 minute audio presentation by Dave Gaubatz recorded on 10 Sept 2013. It is a powerful presentation pertaining to the role of women and young girls in Islam. It is a true portrayal using evidence from Islamic books and Islamic scholars. There is no sugar-coating. Dave will be developing at least one audio presentation per week. Paste this into your browser

Is Obama a Muslim?

Is Obama a Muslim?

This is the one question I get asked more than any other. The best answer I can give is I do not know if he is now, but he was born a Muslim in accordance with Sharia law, because his father was a Muslim. He attended Islamic schools. did he later leave Islam? If so he is an Apostate of Islam.

The real question people should be asking is, "Are his policies in line with Sharia law or the U.S. Constitution"? Based on what I have seen in the last five years, Obama is more in line with how an Islamic based country would rule their people. Obama follows Sharia law more so than the U.S. Constitution.

I have little hope that Obama will be impeached because there is no one on the left or right who will push the issue. This means another 3 long years of being governed by a Sharia law President. Dave Gaubatz
Why Would Iranian Leader's Threaten to Have One of Obama's Daughters Raped If He Strikes Syria?

By: Dave Gaubatz

6 Sep 2013

This is a question no one in the media from the left to the right will address fully. Iranian leaders have vowed to have one of Obama's daughters raped if he follows through with a strike on Syria.

The reason Iranian leaders have said they will rape one of Obama's daughters and few Islamic leaders worldwide are standing up to say this is wrong is because this is 'Pure Islam'.

Islamic scholars have been saying from 1400 years ago to the present day that when Muslims are engaged in physical Jihad (Jihad Qital) that the victors can use the female captives of their enemies as they choose. They can take them as slaves and rape them.

This is an article from the Daily Caller:

"As Congress debates whether to support President Obama's call for a limited strike against Syria for the alleged use of chemical weapons, Iran is vowing to back …
This Jihad manual is in numerous mosques across America. It clarifies exactly what the term 'Jihad' means in Islam and it is not the 'Talking Points' definition used by CAIR and others. Jihad means physical fighting (Jihad Qital) against their enemies. There is such a thing as an internal struggle, but it all comes down to killing their enemies. Order for $10.00 (Includes shipping) Dave Gaubatz

There R No Radicals or Moderates in Islam

There are three types of people involved in Islam. 1. Practicing Muslims 2. Non Practicing people who say they are Muslim 3. People like myself who are aware of the dangers of Islam and doing my utmost to educate people. The Non practicing Muslims are simply Apostates of Islam. Many people refer to them as the 'Moderates'. I have written about this before, but it is important to continue emphasizing this point. There is no such thing in Islam as a moderate or radical. You either choose to practice Islam or you don't. You can't be an in betweener in Islam. Islam itself does not allow this. Dave Gaubatz

Long Term Effects of Cocaine: Our President Admitted Using

"The Washington Post raises the pre-emptive question of the senator's direct confession (in his intimate memoir, "Dreams of My Father") that he used cocaine and marijuana in high school and college".

The above is just one of many confirmations pertaining to Obama using illegal narcotics (cocaine and marijuana). Obama has never denied his use of cocaine. The U.S. government has advised there are long term effects from having used cocaine. One of the primary consequences can be Paranoia.

Irrational suspicions and delusions of persecution are a side effect of cocaine use that negatively affect the human brain. This paranoia can eventually lead to psychosis, at which point the user breaks with reality and experiences hallucinations–hearing or seeing things in the absence of stimulus.

Americans wanting to join the U.S. military cannot get a waiver if they have ever used cocaine. This being said we have a Commander in Chief who has admitted using cocaine…

Dave Gaubatz Newsletter

It is important that Americans get involved and are truly concerned about the Islamic ideology/Sharia law being America's #1 National Security concern. It is not Syria, Egypt, Iraq, or Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, it is the Islamic ideology itself. If you do not receive my Newsletter please send me a message and I will add you to the list. I have approx. 11,000 people who get my Newsletter. They in turn send to thousands more. Get involved. Help with sending the Newsletters to your friends, family and co-workers. Thanks, Dave Gaubatz

Obama: World's Weakest Leader

There is really no reason for anyone to try and debate my statement about Obama being the 'World's Worst Leader'. He has not only failed America, but he has failed the world. No current government respects Obama. They know he can't be trusted and they have no faith in his leadership. There is one good thing coming from this. He only has 1200 more days to destroy our country and to make us a laughing stock in all parts of the world. Obama will go down in history as the worst of the worst. It should be a lesson to all American voters. Do not vote for someone simply because they are African American and a Community Organizer. We don't need community Organizers. This is a low level job in a city or county type environment. Our future leaders must have experience in understanding America and the world. Not just Chicago. Dave G.

A Little Old Lady

Today I had the great opportunity to meet one of the sweetest, honest, and most caring ladies I have ever met. She is African American, 90 years old, and I had the opportunity to gain wisdom from a wise person indeed. We began talking about crime in America and she held no punches by telling me why there is so much crime. The lady said our government has forgotten who they work for, they work for the people, not to better their own persons. She went on to say she knew crime would rise when the government no longer allowed Christians and Jews to be Christians and Jews in the school system. What I thought to be her best piece of wisdom was what she told me at the end of our conversation. She said children no longer respect their parents and it is because the parents want to be their friends more than they want or know how to be parents anymore. Discipline at home inspires respect and when parents are not strict with their children the children lose respect and this leads to problem…

Stay Out of Syria

Right this minute Americans and people the world over are waiting for our weak Commander in Chief to shoot a few missiles into Syria. It is almost like shooting a BB gun at a bear. It will have little effect, but to upset the rebels (Al Qaeda) and the Assad regime. It will not stop the civil war going on. Yes, using chemical weapons on civilians is cruel, but this three year war was generated by Obama using the CIA to try and force Assad out of Syria. Obama and the CIA did the same thing with Gadaffi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt. All of the leaders in Islamic based countries are cruel and often less than human, but many of the people they rule over have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Not all, but all Muslims who support Sharia law have only one option. That is to hate and use violence to achieve their desire of having Sharia law in their countries. Americans must begin to realize that Islam has always been dangerous and there is absolutely nothing one can do a…

What Should the U.S. Do About Egypt?

There is turmoil, murder, and the situation is near a civil war in Egypt. What should we do? Now is the time the U.S. backs completely out of Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic based countries. We should stop all foreign aid going to these countries. Christians throughout the Islamic world are being murdered each day by Islamic terrorists and in the name of Islam. We must begin realizing that Islam is dangerous and by providing Islamic based countries with aid and money, it is only hurting America's future. You can't win the hearts and minds of people (Muslims) whose life is filled with hate and war from the time they are born and until the time they leave this earth. They desire violence and war and there is nothing we can do about that. Many people will be saying it would be cruel to remove all aid from Islamic based countries. I say it is cruel for our country and our children to keep paying Islamic leaders to kill innocent people. Dave G.

Islam...Far From Peaceful

One need only look at any location in the world over 1400 years ago and in 2013. Islam has done nothing but cause fighting and death since it's pseudo leader Mohammed came up with the idea of an Islamic ideology. Look in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemin, anywhere and you will see the true nature of Islam. Islam is danger and the enemy is the Islamic ideology itself. Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc... are just the tools used by Islamic leaders to carry out their ideology. Either destroy the ideology itself or lose the war., Dave G.
This 81 page manual is by an Islamic scholar from Brooklyn, NY. It exposes Pure Islam, which is filled with hatred, racism, and violence. I encourage anyone studying Islamic issues to botain and then provide to your local law enforcement and politicians to show them what is being taught in mosques all across America. Cost: $25.00 Use Paypal button on right side of screen. Dave G.

Iraq pics

Below are some pics from Iraq. Many people have asked for a few.

Sharia and the Moderate Muslim

Right now people with little training, but who have preconceived ideas about Sharia, will be saying that indeed Sharia can harm you. Then again the other people who also have virtually no training in regards to Sharia or who have never read a book by an Islamic scholar will say that Sharia can’t hurt you. I will take the middle road and tell people to read closely my analogy and decide at the end if Sharia can hurt you and if there are truly ‘Moderate’ Muslims. Can a loaded firearm lying in the middle of a floor hurt you? No. You have a better chance of winning a state lottery than you do of this firearm harming you. Now you can harm yourself or someone else can harm you using this firearm, but lying on the floor this weapon is perfectly safe. But, if it strikes (through the actions/faults of a human), it can kill. Shari is very similar. 90% plus of Sharia (Islamic law) is safe. Even the physical aspects of Jihad (Jihad Qital/physical fighting) is safe unless put into the wro…

American Traitors

Snowden is a traitor. Just a plain traitor to his country. Then again the leader of our country Dictator Obama is a traitor as well. Maybe the two can get together and have a beer. You know just spend a few minutes together talking about how they can work together to destroy America. Russia took traitor Snowden in. They can have Dictator Obama as well. We will not complain. Dave Gaubatz 1st U.S. Federal Agent in Iraq
The Hypocrites of the Media (Yes folks this includes FOX News)..Except for Eric Shawn By: Dave Gaubatz 2 Aug 2013 The majority of people who keep up with my Newsletters and blog ( are familiar with our bestselling book, 'Muslim Mafia'. For those that aren't the CAIR Project was the idea by the Center For Security Policy (CSP/Frank Gaffney), Publius Publications, and David Yerushalmi. Essentially CSP and Publius wanted my team to obtain information revealing what we all knew anyway, that was to expose CAIR Nationals links to Islamic based terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Hamas. CSP, Publius, and Yerushlami wanted direct information pertaining to CAIR's terrorist activities. I was asked by CSP, Publius, and Yerushalmi to direct the project. I respected each so I agreed. One of the parts of the CAIR Project was my researchers protected thousands of CAIR National documents containing criminal evidence from being shre…

Racist Hate filled Manual Distributed by Islamic Scholars

This manual is a must for CT Researchers and American Patriots who want real evidence to show your local law enforcement, politicians, and media. Dave obtained several copies of this manual from a mosque bookstore in Brooklyn, NY. The manual is filled with racist comments, hatred, and informs Muslims how to go underground if they are wanted by law enforcement for terrorism or othercrimes in America. I suggest you obtain this manual and then show to your local authorities. Evidence like this makes more of an impact than having a hundred protestors hold banners against Islam. Only $20.00 Use Paypal.

There is only moderate, no radical, just evil & pure Islam

There is only moderate, no radical, just evil & pure Islam. The Islamic ideology was dangerous, violent, and filled with hatred since the pseudo Prophet Mohammed drummed this false religion up over 1400 years ago. Islam is the same in 2013 as it was 1400 years ago. There is no such thing as different variations of Islam. There are two types of people within Islam. There are 'Practicing Muslims' and non Practicing Muslims'. Many people refer to the non Practicing Muslims as moderates. Islam says they are simply Apostates. The penalty for Apostacy is death. This being said you only have people who practice Islam and all of it's aspects of Sharia, or you have people who are Apostates. There is no in between. So I ask ask you to stop using the terms radical and moderate. When you use the term radical you are saying there is a peaceful side to Islam. There is not. Dave G.


Per my recent article on Self Education yourself on Islamic issues I am identifying four sources that are in almost every Sunni mosque: These are just a beginning. You can google and download the pdf books (read chapter 234 Riyadh Saliheen first, and then start with chapter 1) 1. Riyadh Ul Saliheen pdf book 2. Fiqh us Sunnah pdf book 3. Sahih Muslim pdf book 4. Sharia For the Youth DVD by Ahmad Sakr (contact Dave if you want a copy) The dvd and books are used by Al qaeda more than they use the Quran. They are also in almost every Sunni mosque, worldwide, Dave g..

Self Education is the Only Method to Understand Islam

For many subjects/issues in order to understand them you can take courses, attend lectures, or even go full time to a college or university. You can get a high degree in the field and have a very successful career. The same is not true for fully understanding Islam. You can't just sit back and read blog after blog and watch pseudo counter-terrorism experts like O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Stakelbeck. These are paid for TV actors. Sorry my friends but it is true. Everyday I read and watch Islamic issues being discussed by so called 'Terrorism Experts'. In reality there are only a few people in America I would say are experts in the field of Islamic issues. Clare Lopez, Steve Emerson, Dr. Gene Youngblood, and David Yerushalmi. Personally I have studied Islam for over 3 decades, State Department Trained Arabic linguist, been visitng the Middle East since 1979, worked and studied in Iraq during the war (2003), and have read over 500 Islamic books. Many of the Islami…

Who Are Our First-line Defenders?

American's would like to think our city, county, state, and federal law enforcement officers are the one's on the frontlines and are protecting us from Islamic based terrorist groups. In reality they are not. In order to protect innocent people from Islamic based terrorists and their supporters, one has to know who the enemy is, their tactics, their capabilities, and what motivates them to hate, murder, and destroy non Islamic governments. Our law enforcement officers have their hands tied. They are not allowed to obtain the proper training to carry out their duties. 99% of officers know no Arabic, have never been to the Middle East, read/studied Islamic materials, or could even name the Islamic groups or leaders in America who support Islamic based terrorism. I encourage everyone to approach the law enforcement officers in your area and ask them if what I have said is true or false. Most officers want to do a good job, but they have to have the tools to do so. They …
Stop Being Afraid and Intimidated By Liberals & Islamic Terrorist Supporters Conservatives are afraid of liberals and this hurts our country. In Afghanistan and Iraq our country has lost over 3000 troops. While serving in Iraq at the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) I had the opportunity to serve with young men and women who were willing to give their lives for America. Never once did I witness American troops run from the enemy, nor did they hide who they are and what they stood for. They supported one another. Why then do I witness on a continuous basis an overwhelming number of Conservative Patriots who appear fearful of confronting the enemy inside America? Regardless of what the main stream media (MSM) may say, there is an internal war going on in America. Liberals and Conservatives are in an invisible fight against one another. I predict there will come a time in the near future when there are more physical confrontations between the two groups. While growi…