Friday, November 1, 2013

Jihad Manuals in your Local Mosques

Go to Dave G Ebay Store to purchase this manual and others about Islamic issues $15.00 includes shipping. You can also go to the Paypal Donate link to the right.

Dr. Abdullah Azzam was a terrorist who studied and fought with Osama Bin Laden. I encourage you to read this manual and provide copies to your law enforcement and politicians. Demand they remove the 501 Non Profit Status of mosques that carry this type material and it's equivalent. America must'Criminalize' such material that advocates the murder of innocent people worldwide. Dave Gaubatz


"Therefore it is incumbent upon every Muslim today, capable of carrying a weapon, to march forward to Jihad to aid their Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and in every place in need, even though his parents do not permit it, until sufficient forces are attained and Allah knows best"

"If only the Muslims would apply their Lord's command and implement the laws of their Sharia concerning the General March (March for physical/war Jihad) for just one week in Palestine, Palestine would be completely purified of Jews"

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