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Is Your Preacher or Rabbi a Muslim Spy?

Is your Christian or Jewish leader a spy for Islam? There are approximately 2500 Muslim Imams in America, an estimated 4000 plus Jewish Rabbis, and over 600,000 Christian Pastors, Ministers, Preachers, Bishops ministering. Why then is Islam expanding and church/synagogue attendance dwindling? Why do Islamic leaders have so much influence over Christian and Jewish leaders?

The best answer is a question. What tool do Islamic leaders use to recruit Christian and Jewish leaders in America? Islam uses 'Interfaith' meetings to infiltrate churches and synagogues. The Muslim leaders use the Christian and Jewish leaders as confidential informants. Many of the Christian and Jewish leaders are unwitting sources, but many are witting. This means for whatever reason the Christian and Jewish leaders are essentially being indoctrinated into the fallacy that Islam is peaceful and most Muslims love Christians, Jews, and of course Jesus.

In reality most Muslims are taught from birth t…
Which Group Poses The Gravest National Security Threat To America

8 April 2016

By: Dave Gaubatz

For decades I have said America's number one national security threat is the Islamic ideology. Now in April 2016 as I have became a bit wiser about the 'Big Picture' of our world and how an elite few liberals control much of the world events, I feel there is a need to update my national security threat analysis.

Of course the Islamic ideology is dangerous and a threat to the entire world, but the question we must ask ourselves is how is Islam allowed to thrive in America despite many intelligent people understanding it can and likely will destroy the world.

Liberals in America, currently being led by America's worst U.S. President (Obama), and by far the President who hates America and what is has stood for since it's birth are the leading force behind why the violent ideology of Islam is allowed to grow, flourish, and be accepted into all areas of Americans lives.