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A Little Old Lady

Today I had the great opportunity to meet one of the sweetest, honest, and most caring ladies I have ever met. She is African American, 90 years old, and I had the opportunity to gain wisdom from a wise person indeed. We began talking about crime in America and she held no punches by telling me why there is so much crime. The lady said our government has forgotten who they work for, they work for the people, not to better their own persons. She went on to say she knew crime would rise when the government no longer allowed Christians and Jews to be Christians and Jews in the school system. What I thought to be her best piece of wisdom was what she told me at the end of our conversation. She said children no longer respect their parents and it is because the parents want to be their friends more than they want or know how to be parents anymore. Discipline at home inspires respect and when parents are not strict with their children the children lose respect and this leads to problems. She said children need and want a disciplined life. She continued to say her son is 65 years old and to this day he answers her yes ma'am and no ma'am. She said she taught her children young to respect their parents, their country, and their God. This little lady closed by saying even today if her 65 year old son showed disrespect to her she would whallop him good! If we had politicians, media, and every American citizen who had the ethics, morality, and strength as this little lady has, our country would be strong once again and our children would not go down the wrong roads. I will go to my grave knowing I met one of the wisest little old ladies in America. Dave Gaubatz


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If you want to assist Dave in conducting firsthand research inside America's "Most Dangerous Mosques" please contact him at or 804-836-4675 The research is expensive. If you can provide accommodations, travel expenses, use of a vehicle, or desire to become a sponsor of Dave please email or call him. All results of the research will be provided to the public immediately after the mosque visit.

Obama is leading this country into an almost certain civil war. Whose side are you on? Dave G.