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Sharia and the Moderate Muslim

Right now people with little training, but who have preconceived ideas about Sharia, will be saying that indeed Sharia can harm you. Then again the other people who also have virtually no training in regards to Sharia or who have never read a book by an Islamic scholar will say that Sharia can’t hurt you. I will take the middle road and tell people to read closely my analogy and decide at the end if Sharia can hurt you and if there are truly ‘Moderate’ Muslims. Can a loaded firearm lying in the middle of a floor hurt you? No. You have a better chance of winning a state lottery than you do of this firearm harming you. Now you can harm yourself or someone else can harm you using this firearm, but lying on the floor this weapon is perfectly safe. But, if it strikes (through the actions/faults of a human), it can kill. Shari is very similar. 90% plus of Sharia (Islamic law) is safe. Even the physical aspects of Jihad (Jihad Qital/physical fighting) is safe unless put into the wrong hands, then it can kill. Hundreds of thousands of people have found out through the hands of Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Taliban (to mention a few) how terrifying Sharia can be. I had mentioned that 90% plus of Sharia law is relatively safe. This brings me to the second question I have for readers. In laymen’s terms can you define Sharia? Can a Muslim use one aspect of Sharia in their life and decide not to use other parts? In essence, can a Muslim use the parts of Sharia that pertain to prayer and raising a strong and educated family and not use the aspects pertaining to Jihad and martyrdom? The answer is no. In accordance with the Quran, Islamic scholars, the hadith, and their own Ijtihad, a Muslim must adhere to all aspects of Sharia. Sharia is practicing 100% of Sharia law to the individual’s fullest capability. To help people understand this better I will use an analogy I often provide people during my presentations. Can a Christian decide to adhere to Commandments 1, 2, and 4, but decide not to adhere to Commandments 5, 7, and 9? A person can call themselves Christian by following only a couple of Commandments, but in reality this person who may be a good person is not a real Christian. The same applies to Muslims. They may be good people but if they decide not to adhere to 100% of Sharia, they are in essence Apostates of Islam. Some people may be shaking their heads and say this isn’t true. I have two ways to prove this. One could visit an Islamic Center to review the material they provide to their worshippers and to speak with Islamic leaders. The Imam or Islamic leaders will routinely tell you about the laws of Sharia and most even in America have no qualms with telling you they desire Sharia in America... The second and most accurate method would be for the Muslim who does not want to adhere to all aspects of Sharia, to request if they would travel to a Sharia dominated land such as Saudi or Afghanistan and ask them if they would visit with the local Taliban and/or Al Qaeda for a few weeks. Muslims in America who do not desire to adhere to Sharia law would be the first to tell you they would not do this because they know under Sharia law they would be severely punished. There is a strong likelihood the Muslim who openly admits to the Taliban they do not want to adhere to all aspects of Sharia, this person will likely be killed as an Apostate. The layperson need only review the injustices that were taken out on the Muslim women who do not adhere to the dress codes established under Sharia. In Saudi Arabia if a woman dared to leave her home without the proper attire (and permission of a male) she would be punished under Sharia law at the very least by being flogged. Now I believe it is important for me to answer the question pertaining to Moderate Muslims. This is a politically charged question and even the most outspoken elected leaders - and even more so our media - do their best to ignore this question. If they do answer they will almost surely tell you there are indeed Moderate Muslims. If Osama Bin Laden were alive today he would be a good one to reply to this. Although he was a murderer and a coward, he would honestly tell you the truth about Moderate Muslims. He would tell anyone (and has) that one is either a Muslim who adheres to all aspects of Sharia law, or they are not truly Muslims. They are committing blasphemy and are Apostates if they were to describe themselves as moderates. Al Qaida and the Taliban have shown people thousands of times how they deal with a person who wants to be a moderate Muslim. They routinely behead the person (usually after they have tortured them for hours). There is no such thing in Islam as a moderate Muslim. A moderate Muslim is a person who is not practicing Islam as their Prophet Mohammed dictated to them. In this article I believe it is appropriate to address the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden and what this will mean for America. I applaud our Special Forces team for their heroic efforts. They did what needed to be done and should have been completed years ago (yes we had opportunities and missed them due to political correctness). In my professional opinion as a person who has visited Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, other areas, and one who has self studied Islam since 1979, the following will happen: 1: We will see more murders in America like the ones committed by Major Hassan (Ft. Hood, Texas). These type incidents will increase. 2: CAIR and other such organizations will be saying the politically correct things about Osama Bin Laden over the next few weeks. They will steer away from the truth, but will publically say they support the decision by our President. In our book (Muslim Mafia) we put one of the documents we obtained during our undercover research inside CAIR National in 2007/2008. On page 312 and 313, there is a document CAIR National leaders were attempting to destroy, but our researchers were able to preserve. The title is, “Proposed Muslim Platform For 2004”. On page 313 the readers will note CAIR National leaders (and other Muslim organizations) desired the Muslim people to support Osama Bin Laden. The exact statement on this document reads: “8. Attempt to understand Islamic movements in the area, and start supporting Islamic groups including Mr. Bin Laden and his associates”. Although our book has fewer than 50 documents included in the book, CAIR National was in the process of shredding several thousand documents similar to the document regarding Bin Laden. Now I believe it is easier for people to understand why CAIR National sued me and has been harassing my family and me since they found out about the undercover operation I directed inside their organization. They do not want the other thousands of documents to be released to the public. By putting all of them together even the most na├»ve person would conclude CAIR is a supporter of Islamic terrorism against America. Although I had always respected Bill O’Reilly (Fox News), even he would have to ask the tough questions of CAIR leaders the next time he gives them airtime. One has to question why he did not ask Ibrahim Hooper (CAIR National Public Spokesperson) about documents such as the one pertaining to CAIR’s support of Bin Laden. CAIR knows if the thousands of other documents are released they will be prosecuted like their friends of the Holy Land Foundation were. I ask readers to support organizations such as ACT for America and Dr. (Reverend) Gene Youngblood (Jacksonville, Florida) who are trying to warn people of the dangers of Islam and organizations such as CAIR. They need the support of the American people. We do not want Sharia law in America, or do you?


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