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Who Is The DC Navy Yard Killer? Was he Muslim, Christian, Jewish?

Americans want to know who Aaron Alexis was. That is a fact and every media organization knows that. The media does an outstanding job of finding out every detail about a person when something like this happens (a sad and tragic murder of innocent people). There is one question millions of Americans want to know and the media is intentionally ignoring this question.

I ask readers to be honest with themselves. When the murders began at the Navy Yard did you not start thinking of Ft. Hood? Of course we did. Did we not start asking ourselves if this is a terrorism event in the name of Islam? Of course we did. Has the media even mentioned what religion Aaron Alexis was? Of course not. Do they know? Of course they do.

From AP: U.S. law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that there was no known connection to terrorism and that investigators have found no manifesto or other writings suggesting a political or religious motive.

I am not suggesting Aaron Alexis was a Muslim, but as a concerned citizen and former law enforcement officer I want to know everything there is to know about these murders of inocent people. The motive behind any murder is very important and not only helps solve cases it can also be a tool to possibly prevent future violence.

How many of you have been searching Google for anything about Aaron Alexis's religion? Be honest. The media is doing Americans an injustice by not reporting the religion of Alexis. If he is Christian I want to know, if he is Jewish I want to know, if he is a Satanist I want to know, if he is a Muslim I want to know.

Right now there are liberal haters of Dave Gaubatz who would be saying based on my above remarks that I am saying Alexis was Muslim. Of course this is not what I am saying but the truth to liberals means absolutely nothing.

Why are media organizations not even mentioning if Alexis was or was not a Muslim? For the liberal media the answer is so obvious I want even begin to explain. I am more concerned with media outlets like Fox News. Do the journalists who make millions like Hannity and the others not think Americans want to know what religion Alexis was? Hannity himself wants to know and it was probaly one of his first questions he was asking when the murders began. Fox News doesn't want to being up anything about the shooters religion because they will get the little fingers of liberals pointed at them. They don't want to be accused of being insensitive to a religion.

I do not get paid millions for writing articles or speaking at events about terrorism issues, as a matter of fact I make absolutely nothing. But as a freelance journalist I feel it is important in today's times that Americans are told up front if there is even the slightest hint that an incident such as at the Navy Shipyard was in any way related to Islam. We are owed this and Americans should not feel guilty or ashamed of wanting to know if a murderer was Muslim or not.

Why do Americans have a right to know if a person involved in the large scale deaths such as Alexis was Muslim or not?
1. The answer is rather simple. All around the world there are murders of innocent people by people who are Muslim.
2. There are civil wars and fighting in numerous Islamic based countries.
3. Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups have said they would strike at the American people.
4. Al qaeda and others have been responsible for killing thousands of Americans in the last decade.
5. The Islamic ideology itselfs calls for hatred and violence against non Muslims.

I could go on and on, but the point is we have a right to know what religion a person is when we have attacks as in the Navy Yards. If this question is in the backs of people's minds then it should be answered and we have no reason to feel guilty.

I want to clarify that I do not know what religion Alexis was, but I will dig until I find out.


  1. I just got an email in my inbox that says that Aaron had created a website with the name of 'Mohammed Salem'. It is unknown if he had some admiration of some who bear that name OR if it was a moslem name that he chose. (I wonder why our security agencies are so slow when the media was able to find out so much in 6 hours the day he murdered so many.)

    Here is the link and in this link is the link where they got this information:

    To me, when a person is all over the place concerning what religious belief he wants to join, it is not a far stretch that he might have looked into islam also. Especially since many think that islam is cool, and/or are afraid to even broach the subject let alone try to debunk someone's opinion of islam that sounds like it is a dream come true for someone trying to find God.

    With the moslem world so elated that this guy was probably a moslem and waged jihad, this is either telling us they knew he was a moslem OR that they know more attacks are coming... soon.

    BTW, Hannity is more astute concerning our own politics and it is very apparent he spouts a sort of mantra concerning sharia and islam, using all the correct politically correct words. O'Reilly is worse... I don't even want to go into his lacks especially after calling a CAIR representative (I think it was Hooper) 'a stand up guy'. I wanted to barf. I am not sure how much Prince Alwalweed comes into play either. Since he did control the language on some Paris riots by moslems in the past. I am usually just surprised when they say anything concerning violent jihadists. I think they barely know islam and sharia, and have no inclination to find out.

    1. I thank you for your comments and you are on right target. Respectfully, Dave G.


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