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Self Education is the Only Method to Understand Islam

For many subjects/issues in order to understand them you can take courses, attend lectures, or even go full time to a college or university. You can get a high degree in the field and have a very successful career. The same is not true for fully understanding Islam. You can't just sit back and read blog after blog and watch pseudo counter-terrorism experts like O'Reilly, Beck, Hannity, Stakelbeck. These are paid for TV actors. Sorry my friends but it is true. Everyday I read and watch Islamic issues being discussed by so called 'Terrorism Experts'. In reality there are only a few people in America I would say are experts in the field of Islamic issues. Clare Lopez, Steve Emerson, Dr. Gene Youngblood, and David Yerushalmi. Personally I have studied Islam for over 3 decades, State Department Trained Arabic linguist, been visitng the Middle East since 1979, worked and studied in Iraq during the war (2003), and have read over 500 Islamic books. Many of the Islamic books are in excess of 500 pages each. I have not read just once, but over and over. I have studied side by side in the mosques with 'Pure Muslims' and discussed every issue under Sharia there is. I have interviewed dozens of Islamic scholars/Imam's. I have interviewed dozens of Al Qaeda members. I have visited over 250 mosques in America and conducted first-hand research. I have put 5 researchers undercover inside the Muslim Brotherhood HQ (CAIR National). I have 'converted' (reverted) to Islam with leading Islamic scholars as my witness on at least five occasions. With all of this first-hand study and experience, I do not call myself a counter-terrorism expert or an expert in Islamic issues. I consider myself a counter-terrorism professional and an American Patriot. I do believe I understand Islam better than 99.9% of Americans, and as well as any Muslim. Still this does not make me an expert. That is the beauty of studying and understanding Islam. To fully understand the mindset of Muslim leaders you have to study as they study. Muslims are a very, very patient people. They read their Islamic material for hours on end. Once they finish they read again. I am referring specifically to Islamic scholars and Imam's. They are the ones who lead the Muslim flock and lead the Jihad Qital (physical fighting) campaigns across the world. If one wants to understanding why Muslims hate, kill, and desire to overthrow non Islamic countries, you have to study the same materials they do. If you really want to know why Major Hassan killed co-workers at Fort Hood, you need to study the same materials he did. For many years I have tried to get counter-terrorism professionals in America to study the very same materials Al Qaeda and others study. Then and only then can you get inside the mindset of Islamic terrorists and their supporters. Then and only then do we have a chance of defeating Islamic terrorists who are hell bent on destroying America. One has to understand there is only so much time to devote to any issue. There are only 24 hours in a day, and you have to eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. To become a counter-terrorism professional you must spend the remainder of your time self educating yourself. There are some self proclaimed CT folks who believe they can just repeat rhetoric they have heard by another self proclaimed CT expert and believe they are doing the public a favor when they go on TV, radio, or write articles. If one doesn't obtain the information first-hand, it is useless information, or information that has already been said a hundred times by others using no factual evidence. You can have 10,000 American Patriots march and protest to any mayor or governor's office to denounce the spreading of Sharia in your hometown. The mayor and governor will look out their door and see nothing (in his eyes anyway) but 10,000 Islamophobes, hate mongers, and racists. The march is pointless and a waste of everyone's time and energy. On the other hand you can have 1 person approach a mayor or governor and give them first-hand evidence that clearly shows the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia in their area are a high security risk. Then you have at least a small chance of getting action taken. I have named a couple of people I believe are true counter-terrorism professionals and who have honest intentions when providing information to the public. I also believe there are others who couldn't tell you they have ever read an Islamic manual, or been to the Middle East, or speak Arabic, yet somehow they know all there is to Islamic issues. A few that come to mind are O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck, and Erick Stakelbeck (CBN). Based on what I have seen from them they just repeat rhetoric they have heard or copy the extensive work conducted by others. About now there will be some readers who will say O'Reilly and Stakelbeck are outstanding Patriots and they provide us so much information about Islam. I have no doubt they are true American Patriots, but I can almost guarantee none of them have read Sahih Muslim, Riyadh Al Salheen, or Figh Ul Sunnah. I can almost 100% assure you they have never spent weeks inside a mosque studying and discussing Islamic issues with one another. If they say they have, then I would challenge any of them to a debate on even the very, very basics of Islam... In English or Arabic, their choice. Why am I mentioning people who in my opinion are not true counter-terrorism professionals? Because I feel they hurt the American public more than they help. Their portrayal of fully understanding Islamic issues gives the American public a false sense of security. The public believes they have these powerful people in the media, and they will stand up to Islamic leaders and other terrorist supporters on the dangers of Islam. It is my professional opinion these self proclaimed CT experts are devoted more to name recognition, fame, and financial rewards more so than they are to helping mankind. If you don't believe me ask any of the one's I identified if they would quit their full time jobs with the media for 3 years and do nothing but study Islam and bring evidence to the public. And, with no pay. By this time these self proclaimed experts will now be fuming at me for saying this about their CT skills. Again, I have no problem proving to the American public that many media heads are actually clueless when it comes to really understanding the mindset of Islamic leaders, Islamic terrorists, and people/organizations who support the dangerous ideology of Islam. I will give you a self test on very basic, and I mean very basic Islamic issues. See how many you know without looking up the answers. 1. What is the Sharia teaching on what color a Muslim man's beard should be? When can (if ever) a Muslim dye his beard black? Can you provide a reference within 10 seconds (not in the Quran)? 2. Many of us know the Islamic ideology teaches that women are inferior to men. Now suppose you march to the mayor's office demanding a mosque be shutdown because of their inhumane treatment of women. The mayor asks you to give him a reference (and not use the Quran) that clearly states women are less intelligent than men. Can you immediately show the mayor an Islamic reference? Then can you prove to him/her this manual is used in almost 100% of the Sunni mosques? How do you prove this? 3. Again without using the Quran can you identify an exact Islamic reference that is used in 100% of Sunni mosques that informs Muslims it is their duty to go beyond what Prophet Mohammed taught about using the sword and bow/arrow to destroy their enemy with. This manual informs Muslims they are now to begin aquiring biological and nuclear weapons to kill the enemy. Which manual is it? 4. What Islamic book was published a few years before 9-11, and is in almost every mosque in America that tells Muslims to destroy the financial institutions in New York if they want to destroy America and ultimately spread Sharia in America? Wouldn't it be nice if Hannity, O'Reilly, and Stakelbeck could have used their media influence before the awful attack on our country on 11 Sept 2001, to inform law enforcement leaders, politicians and citizens to be aware of this Islamic manual being spread in Saudi, Pakistan, and America by Islamic leaders? They didn't because they have no clue which book I am referring to. My point in this article is not to shame anyone, but to emphasize that ordinary Americans need to arm themselves with first-hand knowledge and not count on the pseudo self proclaimed CT experts to save the world. I am not going to provide you the answers to the very easy questions I just posed to you above. If you do want to begin self educating yourself on Islamic issues, please contact me and I will provide you the material needed to begin. You can also start by following Clare Lopez, David Yerushalmi, Dr. Gene Youngblood, Rev Dozier, and Steve Emerson.


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