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The bed in the picture is one of which I took in early 2003 when we entered Nasiriyah, Iraq. This is the bed Pvt. Jessica Lynch had in the Saddam Hospital. Jessica had been beaten and sexually assaulted by her captors. The true story about Jessica will come out someday when she does not have to fear her own government. Jessica is a hero. Notice the window in Jessica's room. She was put in this particular room for one purpose. She was made to look out this window which faced the soccer field. She had to watch the beheading's of her fellow troops.

The other picture is Saddam Hospital. Several members of the 507th Maintenance Squadron were murdered upon their capture and buried on the soccer field in front of the hospital. Our troops were buried on the soccer field (after being beheaded)so Iraqi children would run over their graves. Remember to be slapped or hit with a shoe or foot is a means by which Muslims show disrespect to their enemies. Remember when an Iraqi threw a shoe at president Bush when he visited Iraq...


  1. Jessica's experience is taught to military aircrews in survival schools; My GF and cousin are both military aviators, and they have been told what happened. Not just to her, but the others, as well as SPC Melissa Rathbun-Nealy and MAJ Rhonda Cornum in 1991.


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