Sunday, October 6, 2013

You Must Know The Enemy in Order To Defeat The Enemy

By: Dave Gaubatz

6 Oct 2013

There has never been a war won by any government or organization unless you are aware of who your enemy is. America is on pace to lose the war with Islam because our country and it's leaders will not acknowledge who our enemy is.

Our current leaders both military and political believe we are fighting terrorist organizations who have hijacked the so called peaceful Islam. By continuing with this naive way of thinking we are putting the national security of our country at risk, and more importantly we are putting our children's future at risk.

Americans must first begin to realize that the Islamic ideology is not peaceful, never was, and never will be and it has not been hijacked by Islamic based terrorist groups.

The Islamic based terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc... are practicing 'Pure Islam'. They conduct their hate filled and violent lives as their Prophet Mohammed desired for them to. Islam has not changed in 1400 plus years, and never will.

There are some people who believe you can reform Islam by removing Sharia law. This simply can't be done. If you remove any aspect of Sharia law from Islam, you no longer have Islam. You have simply developed another religion.

I have no expectations that our military and political leaders will ever identify or even realize the true enemy for not only America, but the world, is the Islamic ideology itself.

There are some history and political professional people who will say you can't fight and ideology. I say they are 100% wrong. Big companies and governments are engaged in war with 'Brands and Ideologies' everyday with their competitors.

In order to defeat the Islamic ideology we must begin to brand this ideology as a non religion, and it was developed on the basis of hate and violence. We must brand this ideology as a threat to the world. Countries did this with the Nazi ideology, with the Saddam regime, and everyday Democrats brand the Republican ideology as filled with hate and potential violence. There have been Democrats recently who have said Republicans are 'Jihadists'.

Politicians are fighting one another by attempting to destroy the ideologies of their enemy, the other political parties. This strategy has been very effective, especially when you get the media involved and are willing to spend millions and millions of dollars.

America can defeat the true enemy of America (Islamic Ideology) if we begin to use the same strategies as politicians currently do against one another. Saudi Arabia spends millions of dollars every year to destroy the very foundation of America. They have branded the First Amendment of our Constitution as evil and criminal, especially if an American says anything negative against Islam.

We can defeat our true enemy if we immediately begin spending millions and millions to show the true colors of the Islamic ideology. We can fight this current war better with TV ads, and political speeches aimed at exposing the true Islam. We could remove thousands of our troops from the Middle East, and devote that funding to the branding of Islam as dangerous and our number one enemy.

Again I want to emphasize it is very unlikely our politicians will do this. This means it is future to one day be dominated by Islam and Sharia law...unless of course regular Americans stand up and say enough is enough and give the government back to the people.

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