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Black & Arab Relationship

In the times of Mohammed, there were thousands upon thousands of black slaves owned by Muslims in Saudi Arabia. In 2014, there are approximately 450,000 slaves bought and sold by Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Many of the slaves are black Muslims, and their masters are Arab Muslims. In 2014, Sudan flourishes richly in the sale and purchase of slaves, both Muslim and non Muslim.

The evidence I use for this article comes from my firsthand discussions with Islamic leaders, Islamic material, and Muslims who practice Islam the way Mohammed intended.

When I was in Saudi Arabia in 2003, I had the opportunity to talk with many Arab Muslims. I heard one describe our (U.S.) black military members as 'N------'. The use of the 'N' word by Arab Muslims stunned me. After several months in Saudi Arabia and Iraq, the 'N' word was a common and routine way Arab Muslims described black people, regardless if they were Muslim, non Muslim, or from any part of the world.

I began to ask the Arab Muslims about their relationship with black Muslims. It was stressed to me over and over again that black people (even black Muslims) are inferior to all races of people, and Arab Muslims are the true chosen people who represent Islam.

This topic intrigued me. When I returned to America in late 2003, I began gathering facts about the relationship between Arab and black Muslims. Many of the mosques I visited have Arab Muslims in the leadership positions. Not only did Arab Muslims in America relate to me that they consider blacks as sub-human, but materials in the mosques confirmed this.

We all know Islamic teachings degrade all non Muslims, specifically Jewish and Christian people as sub-human, but it is not well advertised in the Muslim community that Arab Muslims in America and throughout the world consider blacks as 'N------'
and inferior animals. I continued my quest to determine why Arab Muslims and Islam is framed in bigotry and racism.

What puzzled me is the fact that there are many black Muslim Imams and the Muslim world has many countries dominated by black Muslims. Imam Siraj Wahhaj (black Muslim convert) in Brooklyn, NY is in my opinion the most dangerous man in America, and has thousands of followers, many Arab Muslims.

The more I began studying this issue, the more material I began to collect. The answer is that Arab Muslims believe they are superior to all, that the only correct version of the Quran is the Arabic version, and that black people (Muslim or non Muslim) were born to serve their Arab masters throughout the world. Arab Muslims believe in order for Islam to survive they must open the doors to all races. As described to me by one Arab Muslim, they use the analogy of the plantations in America during the period of slavery. It was thought the only way the plantations could survive was to use blacks to work the fields.

This same strategy is used by Arab Muslims. The evidence I obtained emphasized the need for black Muslims so they could recruit millions of other blacks into Islam. Their Arab masters treat them well and they are taught they are closer to paradise than the millions of non Muslims.

The main question on this topic is why do black Muslims allow themselves to be used as tools in the name of Islam? From my discussions with both Arab and black Muslims is that fear drives blacks to Islam. Muslims are taught that in the end times Islam will dominate the world, and non Muslims will be given the choice to accept Islam or be murdered. Arab leaders within Islam educate black Muslims that although they are inferior to Arabs, they can have a fruitful life working for their masters.

The same is true in many gangs in America. The Bloods and the Crips are predominately black and they consider non blacks inferior, although there are times they will allow whites to join. They need the whites as workers because sometimes the white gang member has access to narcotic suppliers and the blacks may not. The white gang members of the Crips and Bloods know they will never achieve the highest leadership positions because of their color, but they feel safer to be a Crip or Blood in their neighborhood, than to not be one.

A couple of years back a female researcher and I conducted research at the Islamic Center of Blacksburg, VA (next door to Virginia Tech). I spoke with the mosque leader, Sedki Riad. He provided me material from Saudi Arabia (Saudi government). The issue of Arab superiority dominated the brochures and books he provided to me.

The below email is from Professor Sedki Riad (VT) to me. We were discussing Sharia law and materials that govern the Islamic way of life. Riad also informed me that he does not like the Virginia tech system and desires Sharia law in America.

(Email from Sedki Riad to Dave Gaubatz)

"You observation is true, Saudi Arabia is the lead country in producing
and distributing Islamic publication ( Kuwait is second, I believe).
I don't know about judging them to be the closest to an Islamic state?
There are a few countries that have some elements of the Islamic "state" to varying degrees. You may be surprised that Sudan strikes me as one that does a good job in this regard. They have more Islamic governing structure than Saudi Arabia ; although the US insists to
paint Al-Bashir as a tyrant/dictator.

Why don't the Arab-rich countries help? Well, they used to and they
want to... After 9/11, the Bush administration correlated all donations
with terrorism and scared donors from helping the support that we used
to get for Masjids and schools. Many were built by generous donations
from Saudi Arabia , Kuwait , etc. Currently, they are directing their charity outside the western world".


Sedki M. Riad, Ph.D., P.E. email:

Director of VT-MENA Graduate Program
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech - Office: 459 Durham Hall
Mailing Address: 302 Whittemore Hall - 0111
Blacksburg, Virginia, 24061, USA
Phone (540) 231-4463 - eFax (801) 684-8482

You may recall that Omar Al-Bashir being the Sudan President and accused to be the mastermind behind the Darfur genocide of hundreds of thousands of people.

You may also recall that Sedki Riad was asked to say the prayer for the VT students after the tragic murders on campus (16 April 2007).

You may want to ask why a professor at an American university is allowed to provide treasonous material on and off campus, advocate for Sharia law in America, and then teach our children.

'Racism and Bigotry' is alive and well throughout the world, and the leaders are Arab Muslims.
Dave Gaubatz


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