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Racist/Violent Songs Wrong on Both Sides

The white students at the University of Oklahoma were wrong to sing a racist and violent song. 100% wrong. It is also 100% wrong for black students across America and in U.S. colleges to sing and play songs calling for killing U.S. police officers and violent attacks on women. When the white intoxicated kids do it they are on the front page of every media outlet in America. When blacks do it they are given a pat on the back and the world is told this is their artistic freedom and allowed by the 1st Amendment.

I have no doubts the University of Oklahoma has numerous black students who play these racist and violent songs loudly in their multi-speaker cars and in their dorm rooms for the whole building to thump. Parents of the white OKU should be protesting and screaming at the top of their voices about the hypocrisy between white racist songs and black racist songs.

Even if they do scream there is no one who will support them because Americans have been brainwashed by the racist black leaders such as Al Sharpton to support racist blacks regardless, because their ancestors 250 years ago were brought to America as slaves. Of course their is never a mention as to the white people in the millions who were used as slaves during many periods of our existence, and many whites, blacks, and others are in chains across the Middle East in the name of Islam.


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