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The Fallacy of the Innocent Muslim


Criminalize Islam and Sharia law!

The Fallacy of the Innocent Muslim
By: Dave Gaubatz
18 Feb 2015

There is no nice or politically correct way to write this article without offending Muslims, the media, liberals, Allah's Muslim Terrorist, people who skim the article instead of reading it completely line by line, or our Sunni Muslim President Obama.

To put it as polite as humanly possible there are no innocent Muslims. Continue reading before you judge. Many readers are saying to themselves that they know good Muslims they work with, have as neighbors, or have met
at school. If they are indeed good people then they are not Pure Muslims.

Islam does not allow anyone to be a good person. Meaning, if you follow Islam as the pseudo Prophet Mohammed intended, you must have in your heart everything he demanded and represented. You must adhere to ALL aspects of Sharia law, good or bad. If a Muslim decides he/she does not want war with non believers, or does not want to educate his/her children that a Muslim must endorse physical Jihad against oppressors, Christians, or Jews, then this person is doing a good deed, but has become an apostate of Islam as mandated by the Islamic ideology. These are some of the good people Obama and the media (including FOX) falsely describe as innocent Muslims. Again they may be good people but they have turned their backs on the Islamic faith.

The people who are practicing Islam and are the type people Mohammed wanted describes as a good Muslim are the members of Allah's Muslim terrorists such as, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and other acronyms. They are following Islam and Sharia exactly as Mohammed and the Quran demands.

Many people are led to believe the people who attend one of the 2300 mosques in America are for the most part innocent Muslims. This is false. I have been to hundreds of mosques. The people in the mosque are being taught from the same material as ISIS. Year after year they continue to attend the mosque that advocates violence and the hatred of non believers. These people are not innocent Muslims. These are people who desire to live their lives as the violent child rapist Mohammed. No easier way to put it. Just as Obama attended Jerimiah Wright's church for 20 years, that on a regular basis preached the hatred for America, Obama is no more innocent than Wright is. The people who attend Wright's church on a regular basis are not innocent Christians or Americans. These people are supporters of hate.

People need to compare Nazi's to Pure Muslims. If a German citizen or others who followed to the letter Hitler's ideology, they are not innocent Nazi's. They are 100% Nazi. No in between. they are followers of a violent and dangerous ideology. The same is for people who practice Islam or are supporters of the Islamic ideology.

The son (Franklin) of Billy Graham tells it straight to the liberal conservatives of Fox news. There is no such thing as radical Islam. It is Islam pure and simple and should be referred to as Islamic terrorism and not radical terrorism.

The ONLY way to defeat Islamic terrorism is to defeat and demonize the ideology of Islam itself. Ponder my friends.


  1. I really don't want to believe this, but I do...


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