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American Shopping Malls Under Attack

Previously I have written about the real possibility of Allah's Muslim Terrorists (AMT) attacking large crowds of Americans at a shopping mall. Apparently the Mall of America in Minnesota has received direct threats of bombing this large mall. Mall of America threats must be taken seriously and with the clowns in Washington DC this will likely be turned into a circus affair.

It will likely occur sooner than later. 2015 is going to be an awful year for many Americans. The fight will return to America and we have an active Sunni Muslim (Obama) leading our country. This is not encouraging. Obama is surrounded by defenders of Islam.

I encourage Americans to be prepared for the upcoming battle against AMT's. You must have a sufficient amount of food, water, secure shelter and your legally obtained firearms and ammunition. Your firearms will be taken away from you because most law enforcement look at them as evil (unless they have them) and ordinary citizens should not have firearms. Not all law enforcement, but there are many who think this way because they have been brainwashed by the liberals of America.

There have been numerous attacks by AMT's inside and outside of America. We have a serious problem and it is the ordinary American citizen who can take your country back. If another major attack (like a shopping mall) happens in America it will be the American citizens who will suffer, and not AMT's.

Obama and his cronies will demand law enforcement and our military to enforce martial law. Gasoline will be set as such a high price that only the richest Americans can afford to buy. Food prices will soar. Electricity will be so high that most Americans will not be able to keep up. Buying firearms and ammunition will be eliminated. Travel between states will only be allowed to the elite.

What I describe above can happen overnight. Liberals want American citizens to 'need' them. They will be the Santa Clauses for the American people. If you follow the liberal socialist orders you will be granted small privileges such as being allowed to get a tank of gas.

Our government officials already have a plan in place to control every aspect of an American's life. In Iraq (2003) the U.S. government had the opportunity to practice all of the control events as discussed above.

To eliminate AMT's the three have to happen:

1. The Islamic ideology must be branded as evil and dangerous.
2. All mosques, Islamic schools, and Islamic organizations such as CAIR must be closed and criminalized.
3. The U.S. must understand and demand all people who practice Islam and Sharia law to follow the U.S. Constitution, pledge allegiance to America, and stop the practice of following Islam. There will no longer be such a thing as radical Islam and moderate Muslims. Islam will be recognized for what it is, Islam, and moderate Muslims will be looked at for what they are (non practicing Muslims)

I will receive tons of hate mail and other emails saying this is America and we can not implement 1,2, and 3 above. They will say it will never happen. I agree this will never happen in America and during our children's lifetime they will be forced to live in conformity with Islam and Sharia law.

I simply give direct answers based on my doing the same for our government fror 24 years. The above is my analysis based on all evidence I have digested for decades. I do not desire a war, but the war has been brought to us by AMT's. We can either fight or we can throw in the white flag of surrender.


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