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Sean Hannity Hurting America More Than Helping

This is an 81 page manual written by a Muslim in Brooklyn, NY, and distributed by 'Moderate Muslims' all across the world.  It is an attack on our U.S. law enforcement officers.  This type material is more likely to be found in a U.S. mosque than the Quran is.  I know...I have been to mosques all across America.

Sean Hannity (Fox News) comes across as a strong journalist who is tough on Islam.  He is not.  He is only 'tough' on actual Jihad terrorists such as the ones with ISIS or Hamas.  He is actually weak on the supporters of these groups such as the millions of Muslims in America who share the same beliefs as the Islamic terrorists.

Hannity almost always speaks tough words on Islamic terrorism, but always ends by saying they are Radical Muslims.  He is suggesting Islam itself is very peaceful and the Muslim people as a whole are loving and caring people whose religion has been hijacked.  This is the same message that CAIR, ISNA, etc.. use as their primary propaganda message.  These organizations use the same materials as ISIS and Hamas to educate their worshippers, they hate Israel, Jews, and Christians, and they provide material support and comfort to Islamic terrorists.  There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim.  You either support Islam or you do not.

When you use the term Radical Islam, Radical Muslims, or that Islam has been hijacked by Radical Muslims, you are providing support to the enemy.  I can list several self proclaimed Islamic experts in America who use the same terminology.

At some point we have to be honest with ourselves and with our friends in Israel and throughout America.  The Islamic ideology is no more loving or peaceful than Hitler or the KKK ideology.  All were built around hate and violence.  Somehow people can understand that if you belong to the KKK ideology that there is absolutely no way you can be a 'Moderate KKK member'.  This is true.  You can't belong and support any hate and violence filled ideology and be a moderate and peaceful person.  If you support Hitler, the KKK, or the Islamic ideology, you are just as dangerous as the actual members of these ideologies that carry out the violent acts on behalf of their respective beliefs.

In order to ever defeat Islamic terrorism, we must destroy the falsehood that Islam is based on love and peace.  Sean Hannity and others could do this, but they never will because they are either naive or feaful of peer pressure and the certain assault on him by Muslims wordlwide.

I think most people understand that the self proclaimed counter terrorism experts in America desire the glory of being asked by Hannity or any Fox journalist to be on their nationwide radio or TV shows.  To truly be a CT professional this can't be your goal.  The truth is your goal.  I have been on Fox News several times in regards to the issue of WMD in Iraq, but there is no chance in hell they will ask my opinion on the realities of the Islamic ideology.  They know I will speak the truth and use evidence.  They also know CAIR and Saudi Arabia would confront them and make their life a living hell.

Hannity and the other Fox News journalists should stick to 'Breaking News' stories that require them to simply read the telepromter.  They should stay away from giving their input into the Islamic ideology unless they are going to say that the Islamic ideology and anyone who supports Islam is a danger to the world.  To do otherwise is to be a propoganda mouthpiece for the enemy.  Dave Gaubatz


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