Saturday, May 14, 2016

BRAD STONE ' ABC News Atlanta' War Correspondent of the Decade

'War Correspondent of the Decade' is reporter and journalist Brad Stone of ABC News in Atlanta. I need to do a bit of clarifying. I have had discussions with many news journalists in regards to Islamic based terrorism throughout my decades of working these issues firsthand. The vast majority of people, especially on the conservative side, would opine the most knowledgeable journalists on Islamic issues are within the confines of FOX News. This is so far from the truth. Megan, Bill, Sean and the others make attempts at understanding Islam, but in truth they deceive the America people about our number one national security threat (Islamic based terrorism). Eric Shawn of FOX comes the closest to understanding Islamic issues and reporting them fairly. There is a less known journalist named Brad Stone from Atlanta who in my professional counter-terrorism opinion is the most knowledgeable, reports fairly on the Islamic issues, who does not just report the news, but has a genuine interest in reporting Islamic based terrorism issues for the safety and security of our country and our children.

This may be a surprise to many of my readers because never in a million years would they believe I would vote or select a journalist from ABC News as being the best. Almost a decade ago Brad Stone contacted me and requested my team and I conduct firsthand counter-terrorism research in the Atlanta area. We spent almost a week researching Atlanta mosques and the result was Atlanta like most cities has a serious and grave problem with Islamic terrorists operating in their city. Throughout the years Brad and I have kept in contact and he is still marching strong in his quest for bringing the realties of Islamic terrorism to the people he serves in the Atlanta area.

I am not sure if Brad Stone has ever conducted news from the front lines of Afghanistan or Iraq, but I do know that in order to be a genuine 'War Correspondent' you do not have to go outside of America. The front lines are in America and not in Afghanistan, Syria, or Iraq as most believe. I suggest Americans and other people who want to know the truths about Islam to keep up with Brad Stone and not the multi-millionaires such as O'Reilly and Hannity. These two are simply overpaid Hollywood actors performing from their chairs in New York City.

In closing, we need more Brad Stone's and less Bill O'Reilly's... if you want real news listen to Stone, if you want entertainment from a self loving fake, then listen to O'Reilly. Dave Gaubatz

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