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What Do O'Reilly & Obama have in Common?

What do Obama and Bill O'Reilly have in common?  I, Me, and My

O'Reilly is a man I once respected, but the more I listen to him the more I dislike.  He made a comment last night that internet bloggers can make negative comments about him and then hide in their basements.  How ignorant.  O'Reilly demeans people every night with little or no research conducted by him.  He then hides behind his high security and multi-million dollar home.  He also hides behind the cloak of a media outlet.  O'Reilly always seems to be surprised that his books sell very well and make it to the NY Times best seller list.  In the same breath he ridicules the NY Times for being a fake news agency.  I agree the NY Times are useless, but O'Reilly should understand he sells an enormous amount of books because he uses valuable air time to promote his books.  Anyone can have a NY Times best seller if they are allowed to use primetime airtime several minutes a night.  O'Reilly is a fraud and joke.  For real news go to the Internet.  You have the intelligence to decipher the truth from the fabricated.  O'Reilly is simply a paid actor.  Dave G. 


  1. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of O'reilly.


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