Tuesday, October 27, 2020

On 3 Nov 2020 Expect Riots By Left Wing Thugs Supported By Biden & Harris


On the night of the election (3 Nov 2020) I guarantee ANTIFA and other left wing terrorists will start very violent riots in most American cities (big and small).  Biden and Harris support this type violence.  President Trump will win by a large majority, but it will not be recognized by Biden.  Once Trump wins he should immediately imprison Biden, Harris, Pelosi, the Clintons, and Mr. and Mr. Obama for treason and sedition.  Then he should immediately imprison ANTIFA, BLM, and their supporters.

I give you a 100% guarantee on the night of 3 Nov 2020, American's will see more violence than they have ever witnessed in their lifetime.  Be prepared to protect your property and family.  Dave Gaubatz, Retired USAF, Retired U.S. federal Agent, Author: Muslim MAFIA

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